Gift someone a bouquet they can bite into from Nourish Posy Co.

Gift someone a bouquet they can bite into from Nourish Posy Co.

Look, there will always be a time and place for flowers – such a timeless statement will never go out of style. That being said, sometimes a gift out of left field is more memorable. Nourish Posy Co. offers an alternative form of bouquet to the floral variety, packaging seasonal vegetables with recipes to try at home.

There is undeniable truth to the saying that the quickest way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. Aside from maybe French (and Italian and possibly Spanish), food is the real language of love. With that in mind, Ashleigh Bates of Nourish Posy Co. came up with the idea of packaging fresh, seasonal and sustainably grown produce in a more romantic form – a bouquet. We’re not talking about just sending a bag of turnips and sweet potatoes to someone’s door, we’re talking about a bunch of hand-selected veggies and herbs (and yes, the occasional flower) intended for immediate use in the kitchen.

Each bouquet from Nourish Posy Co. comes in easily recyclable packaging with an attached recipe card, letting the recipient know some ingenious yet simple ways to get the most out of their haul. Vegetable bouquets come in two sizes, small and large, with costs including delivery around inner-city Brisbane. The offering rotates daily, with orders currently available Monday through to Saturday, placed over the phone or by e-mail until sold out. Head to the Nourish Posy Co. Facebook page for more details.

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