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The round-up: New Year’s resolutions minus the cringe factor

We hear you, guys – come early January our newsfeeds are assaulted with a barrage of ‘new year, new me’ posts that are packed with the usual promises to lose that Christmas pudge, quit drinking (again) and maybe take better care of the house plants. To that, we blow one long and loud raspberry. We love you just as you are but if you’re feeling a little bit guilty about not setting any goals yet, we’ve composed a list of New Year’s resolutions that don’t suck and are totally achievable.

Learn how to put together a damn fine charcuterie board
There are certain things that cement your status as an adult, one of them being able to artfully assemble meat and cheese into a pleasing display that also balances flavour combinations. Charcuterie, hell yeah! Do some research by hitting up local charcuterie hotspots and then get inspired to make your own creations. You’ll be a hit at parties, we promise.

twe-thank-truckSave money without being a social outcast
Saving is hard work, no doubt. It can also make you look like a bit of a jerk when you keep turning down social events in the name of saving coin. Instead of earning the title of Captain Buzzkill amongst your mates you can stay in the game by suggesting cost-effective activities, places to BYO booze, mid-week food excursions and tasty places to eat that won’t break the bank.

twe_outland-denim_01-1100x550-c-defaultMake an effort to ditch fast fashion
Most of us are guilty of owning at least one item from a chain store – hey, you can’t argue with a $10 tee, right? Unfortunately, fast fashion is a major strain on Mother Nature, with heaps of junk ending up in landfill. Why not treat yo self to some quality pieces that are made local? As a bonus, this eliminates the chance of that awkward moment when you walk into a bar and see someone wearing the exact same H&M shift dress as you.

twe-moofree-burgers-01Have a crack at meat-free Mondays
Here at The Weekend Edition we pretty much live off charcuterie, so please don’t think that we’re pushing some wild agenda on you here. Meat-free Mondays are a legit thing that helps to reduce your carbon footprint as well as save the animals. If your experience with vegetarian and vegan food has left you jaded, trust us when we say it’s come a long way – it ain’t just tofu and beans out there.

twe-gorman-03Buy activewear (and actually use it)
Some people love exercise and that is truly dope. Good on you. For the rest of us, the mere thought of a gym is enough to make us sweat (from panic, not cardio). One way to motivate yourself to get into fitness is activewear – there are some really killer brands and stores out there that will at least help you look the part while you flail your way through a boxing class. Fake it ‘til you make it, homie.

twe-gomasugarspin-wallSupport the local arts scene
Despite the government’s best efforts, the Queensland arts scene ain’t dead yet. Far from it, in fact – live music and local arts are still thriving in the face of lockout laws, noise restrictions and funding cuts. Do your bit to support the scene by pledging to go to more shows – whether you like to get classy at the theatre or throw down at a local metal gig, every bit helps.

twe-mgc-01Dive into the world of alcohol appreciation
Nobody likes a snob, but if your major input to a conversation about booze goes something like, “Just a West Coast Cooler for me, thanks!” it may be time to broaden your horizons a little. Make an effort to educate yourself about your drop of choice, whether it’s through visiting wine bars, trying small-batch liquor or taking a chance on craft beer.

TWE-The-Yiros-Shop-05-1100x550-c-centerBecome an expert on a particular cuisine
Do you want to be the very best, like no one ever was? Now is your time to step up to the plate and put your money where your mouth is. Become a food expert. Pick a style and eat, my friend. Eat every kind of that food from every place you know where. Not all heroes wear capes.

TWE_Arepa-House1Step outside of your culinary comfort zone
Fortune favours the bold, people. We’re all for having favourites, but eating at the same local haunts every week is boring. Never tried an arepa? Don’t know what traditional Sudanese food tastes like? Cut the excuses and do some experimenting, y’all. What’s the matter? Scared you might like it?

twe-st-coco-02-1100x550-c-defaultBreak into the property market
Come on, guys! It’s easy! All you’ve gotta do is ditch your smashed avo habit or hit up your parents for a loan.

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