When naughty meets nice – Naughty Booch brings the booze to kombucha

When naughty meets nice – Naughty Booch brings the booze to kombucha

Assist your body’s digestion process, increase your intake of healthy bacteria for optimal gut health and boost your overall immunity with this deliciously spiked concoction.

Thanks to the brilliant minds at Tailored Beverage Company (you know, the folks championing such incredible products as wine in a can and espresso martinis in a jar), you can now combine healthy habits and guilty pleasures, with the launch of their latest product – Naughty Booch. Naughty Booch is one of Australia’s first alcoholic kombucha ranges, fusing the juicy flavours and benefits of kombucha with something we all love to indulge in – a cheeky boozy beverage. Low in sugar, free from preservatives and with three enticing flavours to choose from (ginger and lemon, watermelon, cucumber and lime, and apple and berry) Naughty Booch is now available from your local Liquorland, First Choice Liquor and Vintage Cellars.

The thirst-quenching services don’t end there. Naughty Booch can also be supplied for venues and events, with kegs and tap systems ready to deliver larger quantities of fermented goodness to those in need. The combination feels like a natural progression following kombucha’s rise in prominence for health-conscious consumers in the last few years. The popular chilled beverage is made from symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (also known as ‘scoby’) which tea and sugar is then added to to create that fizzy little concoction. The result of this fermentation process is not only a tasty drink, but one that contains bacteria said to be beneficial for the gut. While all kombucha naturally has a little bit of alcohol in it from this fermentation process, Naughty Booch, clocks in at a robust 4.6% alcohol volume in every can.

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