Moroccan mint tea comes to East Brisbane at Hamimi

Moroccan mint tea comes to East Brisbane at Hamimi

While it’s the role of the woman in Morocco to prepare meals for the family, the act of making tea is bestowed upon the man. Tea is very important in Moroccan culture, with the precise methods of making a cup of Moroccan mint tea considered an art form.

Brother and sister duo Alex and Rebecca Wilford brought a slice of modern Morocco to East Brisbane when they opened their shop Hamimi in October.

From first sprouting as a pop-up shop in South Bank to opening in a permanent location on Stanley Street East, the pair have now opened a mint tea and espresso bar within their Moroccan bazaar abode.

With Rebecca based in Marrakech overseeing the designing and sourcing of authentic Moroccan homewares and furniture, and Alex based in Brisbane running and growing Hamimi, this new cafe addition not only complements the plethora of homewares, furniture, lighting, rugs, tribal jewellery and accessories in store, but also provides the opportunity for those lucky enough to have wet their lips with the treasured green tea abroad to sample such flavours at home in Brisbane.

Serving up the mint, green gunpower tea in traditional Moroccan teapots, locally roasted Bellissimo coffee and sweets baked by a local Moroccan lady, sit, sip and linger in Hamimi’s relaxing ambience.

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