Take in a comprehensive java experience with Merlo's Coffee 3 Ways

Take in a comprehensive java experience with Merlo’s Coffee 3 Ways

Sick of your local coffee joint burning the brew? Me too, buddy. Me too. Thankfully, one of Australia’s coffee juggernauts is showing us how a good cup of Joe should be brewed, with what is being described as a high coffee experience. From November, Merlo’s Coffee 3 Ways is offering everyone the chance to try a bean brewed using three different methods.

One side effect of Australia’s love of coffee has been the proliferation of brewing methods that promise to bring the very best out of our morning pick-me up. For us simple latte-with-one-sugar drinkers, the amount of techniques and apparatus popping up can be intimidating, but Merlo Coffee is making it easier by giving us the chance to try a few brewing methods all at once. Merlo’s Coffee 3 Ways project will let drinkers sample the bean of the month as a classic espresso, a V60 pour over and through Aeropress immersion – poured and presented in classy fashion.

Nine of Merlo’s torrefaziones in southeast Queensland will be getting on board from November onwards. Expert baristas will be brewing three shots from the bean of the month, which has been sourced from small-scale producers in La Montanita in El Salvador. If you like your coffee strong and intense, light and sweet or smooth and rich, you’ll be able to find a style to your liking.

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