Macca's is giving us a taste of New Zealand with its new Cookie Time McFlurry

Macca’s is giving us a taste of New Zealand with its new Cookie Time McFlurry

When it comes to sweet treats, our Kiwi friends sure know what’s up. Plenty of New Zealand’s cult-status confections have made their way to our shores, from Whittaker’s Peanut Slabs and Cadbury Perky Nanas to Pascall Pineapple Lumps and of course, Cookie Time. In a tastebud-tantalising twist of events, McDonald’s is taking your favourite baked beauty, mashing it up and pouring it over its universally adored soft serve to create a new ice-cream flavour – the Cookie Time McFlurry.

In the team-up we didn’t see coming in 2021, McDonald’s has partnered with treasured New Zealand biscuit brand Cookie Time to create a delectable new McFlurry flavour. The new mash-up is coming in hot after a series of limited-edition mixes like Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramello, Doughnut Ball and Creme Egg – one that we hope makes a return this Easter.

The brand-spanking-new McFlurry concoction sees chocolate-chip cookie pieces and hot chocolate fudge folded through Macca’s much-loved soft serve. Wannabe food scientists can take the salivation-inducing creation to a whole new level of insanity by adding extras like Cadbury Flake, M&M’s Minis or caramel fudge topping. Keen to get your hands on this frozen dessert? The all-new McFlurry is available on Uber Eats from today – Wednesday February 24 – for a week only. From Wednesday March 3, cookie monsters will be able to score the Cookie Time McFlurry from their local Macca’s restaurant.

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