Margs made mobile – liven up your event with a visit from cocktail van Margarita Margarita
Margs made mobile – liven up your event with a visit from cocktail van Margarita Margarita

Margs made mobile – liven up your event with a visit from cocktail van Margarita Margarita

If you ask us, picking a favourite cocktail is like picking a favourite child – we couldn’t possibly commit to one! Well, not everyone thinks it’s a tough choice. The owners of brand-new cocktail van Margarita Margarita are making clear where their hearts lie and, to be honest, we absolutely get it. This former ice-cream van has lovingly retrofitted and transformed into a mobile dispensary of what are being touted as “the best margs ever”. If you rank margaritas high on your summer sip list, then consider recruiting the services of these like-minded libation lovers for your next event.

Even among the incredibly varied cocktail spectrum, margaritas are a unique concoction. Its spartan array of base ingredients ensure it’s simple to make (and enjoy), but its malleability and ability to be dressed up (or dressed down – bootleg margaritas are worthwhile too) means that everyone has a preferred variation they stand by. Jessica and Andrew Cheetham swear they have nailed the recipe for the best margaritas going. It’s a big call, for sure, but don’t scoff yet. The couple (who regularly host margarita parties at home) are more than happy to put their money where their mouth is. After enduring one too many underwhelming restaurant margs, the duo decided to do their part to restore the reputation of the margarita across southeast Queensland and northern New South Wales by launching a cocktail-van concept of their own called Margarita Margarita.

In order to take their product to the streets, Jess and Andrew first had to secure some wheels. After scouring the internet for decommissioned Mr. Whippy vans, the duo found their ideal ride in the UK – its name was Stanley, a vintage 1972 Commer Highwayman van with a giant lemon decal on its side (a sign, if there ever was one). Six months, two delayed boat trips and 16,893 kilometres later the van arrived, and after a bit of work ensuring it was in tip-top condition and suited to its new purpose (the team equipped it with a serving window, ice wells, fridges, freezers, two cocktail-making stations and a feature wall), it was ready for its new life as a mobile margarita van. Margarita Margarita is the perfect party addition, its ready-made bar dedicated to shaking, salting and serving ice-cold margaritas perfected over months of research and development. Jess and Andrew’s mixes featured quality ingredients blended by hand – think fresh fruit galore and the perfect amount of salt. The classic American-style margarita is a must-try, but the duo’s grapefruit, kiwi, passionfruit and smoked-jalapeno infused concoctions are also hard to ignore.

To enquire about enlisting the services of Margarita Margarita for your next party, click here.

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