Make yourself at home at Our Place, Fortitude Valley

Make yourself at home at Our Place, Fortitude Valley

Bars with a friendly, homely atmosphere tend to reside in the suburbs – slinky jazz clubs and hidden cocktail nooks with casual (and generally well-behaved) patrons, and a slice of local music on the side. But two Brisbane chaps believe this kind of watering hole is also possible in party-passionate Fortitude Valley.

Sporting the tag line of good drinks, good music and good company, Our Place is the latest brainchild of Justin Kong and Matt Lee (also of Bean. cafe).

Decked out like it’s hosting a party at grandma’s house (with grandma tucked safely in bed upstairs, of course), Our Place is serving up craft beers and ciders and cocktails in teapots. In an astroturfed, white picket fence-surrounded space, play arcade games into the wee hours, while a clothesline hangs casually overhead and treasured garden gnomes, flamingos and family portraits peek out at you from crannies.

Swoon back to a time where house parties are kept secret squirrel, your friends’ bands play in the lounge room, and the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly in your ever-comfortable home sweet home.

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