Little Cove Coffee Roasters sea change to Noosa

Little Cove Coffee Roasters sea change to Noosa

We all secretly dream of living in a different place, the exotic allure of a foreign city or town, the majestic existence we would carry out there.

Inner city dwellers pine for coastal towns and woodsy mountains to clear busy brains and inhale the fresh air. For Justin and Michelle Warrick, their holiday destination Noosa offered a peaceful and relaxing environment suited to the whole family. Except for one little thing … the lack of specialty coffee beans available to brew at home.

Back in Brisbane, Justin purchased a small coffee roaster to simply ‘have a play’, the self-employed seedling beginning to sprout in his mind. A sea change for the family, the lifestyle and the desire to work for themselves, Justin and Michelle took their passion for coffee and created Little Cove Coffee Company. Sourcing beans from all over the world, they individually roast the green beans and cup them (a tasting method) to find the right balance for their six specialty blends. From the ‘Cockadoodle’ and Organic blends made for the morning pick-me-up to the smooth Percolator blend with hints of cinnamon and caramel to the rich Fair Trade Brew, they also dish up a single origin blend of the month – though this option is so popular, it could be gone within a week.

The move to Noosa meant expanding their wholesale roastery business to incorporate a cafe – now having the pleasure of creating the perfect cup for themselves and others in Noosa, made from specialty coffee beans. Pop into Room for Living in East Brisbane to sample the Little Cove Coffee Company Fair Trade Brew or order a bag of beans online for the espresso machine at home.

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