Help out our favourite furry friends with Lindt's new limited-edition chocolate koala

Help out our favourite furry friends with Lindt’s new limited-edition chocolate koala

Us sweet-toothed Aussies are no strangers to enjoying some of our favourite homegrown animals in chocolate form – whether it be Freddo Frogs, Caramello Koalas or the ultimate Easter treat, the chocolate Bilby. Now, we have a new animal-shaped confectionery to bite into thanks to the cocoa enthusiasts at Lindt, who have moulded a limited-edition chocolate koala. As well as being melt-in-your-mouth scrumptious, this cute-as-heck treat is also raising funds for the Australian Koala Foundation. A win-win, really.

Look, we don’t really need another excuse to eat chocolate, but Lindt’s new chocolate koala is definitely giving us one. By purchasing the adorable silver-wrapped Lindt koala, you are also contributing to the long-term survival of the beloved Australian animal. That’s right – Lindt is donating $1 from every sale of the chocolate koalas to the Australian Koala Foundation, a non-profit organisation that’s dedicated to the management and conservation of the mighty koala and its habitat.

Lindt’s chocolate koala is made using the brand’s creamy milk chocolate, is said to have tasting notes of luxurious honey and caramel and is finished with the characteristic ribbon and heart charm. These marsupial-shaped figures are currently available to snag for $6.25 off the Lindt website and at Lindt stores (psst … you can find your closest boutique here).

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