Enjoy a cheeky G&T with a true-blue twist thanks to Larrikin Gin

Enjoy a cheeky G&T with a true-blue twist thanks to Larrikin Gin

Although Australia is fast becoming one of the preeminent producers of artisanal gin, our output retains an air of seriousness that originates from the spirit’s British legacy. Larrikin Gin is a new entrant on the spirit scene that is looking to add a dash of quintessential Aussie irreverence to the mix.

From Crocodile Dundee to the Kerrigan family, Australian popular culture has a defined lineage of larrikinism. The idea of a happy-go-lucky figure endearing themselves to folks with a blend of earnest strine and charming colloquialisms is one that we celebrate, but until now we haven’t had a gin that accurately embodies the same qualities. Larrikin Gin (from Ballarat’s Kilderkin Distillery Gin) is the brainchild of master distillers Scott Wilson-Browne and Chris Pratt, who have sought to imbue a bit of cheek and irreverence into a selection of top-notch spirits.

Larrikin Gin has revealed a core range of four top-tier gins, ranging from well-balanced and smooth to dry and aromatic. The Original Larrikin is infused with Australian botanicals, lemon and hints of spice to create a sublime entry point into the range. Larrikin’s Scoundrel blend is a classic London Dry sip, boasting notes of cinnamon verum, cardamom and fresh citrus. Fans of Navy-strength gin should look to the Buccaneer for a punch, with extra juniper added for a stronger flavour. Finally, Larrikin has also put forth a barrel-aged drop, aged in American Oak barrels once used to hold bourbon and Tasmanian whisky, adding unique characteristics to the flavour profile. Head to Larrikin Gin’s website to learn more about the cheeky drops and to purchase a few bottles for your collection.

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