Say goodbye to paper coffee filters with the KONE Brewing System

Those who enjoy their pour-over coffee each day may experience a touch of guilt each time they throw away their paper filters. For a more economical and sustainable alternative, look to the KONE Brewing System.

On what seemed like a regular day, a group of coffee lovers ran out of paper filters for their morning coffee. This debacle began the hunt for a reusable filter that could fit their beloved Chemex, but also give them the same refined flavour that a paper filter could. From there USA company Able Brewing was born, and with that, the KONE Coffee Filter. Crafted from stainless steel, the reusable filter is economical and friendly to the environment, but also allows for more oils and a fuller-bodied cup than paper filters.

Taking the KONE a step further, Able created the KONE Brewing System – an aesthetically pleasing brewer incorporating the coffee filter. Form and function were both considered in its creation, taking inspiration from both Japanese and mid-century design. The ceramic pour-over brewing system is combined with its own service vessel, allowing the brewer to be removed and leaving a single pot server. When you want to mix it up, you can pull out the KONE Coffee Filter to fit standard six-, eight- and ten-cup Chemex coffee makers.

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