Have a break and take a bite out of the new KitKat ice-cream stick

Have a break and take a bite out of the new KitKat ice-cream stick

Although the weather is getting cooler, it’s never not a good time for ice-cream. If you’re craving a frosty treat, then there’s a new kid on the block that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth – KitKat ice-cream sticks. This delicious iced dessert is the baby of Australian ice-cream maker Peters and the choc-loving folks at Nestlé, who decided to put a new spin on the classic KitKat chocolate bars – and our tastebuds are eternally grateful.

Although KitKat ice-cream is nothing new (the treat first came out in 2019), the all-new frozen KitKat sticks feature a new recipe to reflect the “inimitable taste experience” of a KitKat chocolate bar. The fresh-faced KitKat Sticks have a chocolate-and-wafer-flavoured centre, which is generously covered in a moreish milk-chocolate coating with wafer pieces – yum!

If you need to bite in to one of these decadent snacks ASAP, you can find the sticks in the freezer section of your local Woolworths in a pack of four for $8.50 or you can purchase just one for $4. If our math is correct, we would opt for the four pack to save yourself some money because let’s be real, you’re going to devour more than one. No judgement.

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