KitKat has teamed up with Byron Bay Cookies and be still our beating hearts

KitKat has teamed up with Byron Bay Cookies and be still our beating hearts

After the last few chaotic weeks, we’re sure that we’re not speaking for just ourselves when we say that we’re in a need of a sweet treat. Thankfully, our prayers for confectionery have been answered in the form of a tasty new collaboration between KitKat and Byron Bay Cookies. Two tastebud-tantalising flavours have just hit supermarket shelves, so here’s all the ooey, gooey goodness you need to know …

Listen up, dessert lovers! Right now – yes, right now, you can get your hands on KitKat’s newest creation made in partnership with Byron Bay Cookies. The salivation-inducing chocolate blocks are inspired by two of Byron Bay Cookies’ favourite flavours – Milk Choc Chunk and Triple Choc! Sure to satisfy even the most devout cookie monster, Milk Choc Chunk boasts crisp wafer fingers covered in white chocolate, topped with cookie pieces on a milk chocolate base. Those looking to up their dose of decadence can get their fix with Triple Choc, milk chocolate-covered chocolate wafer fingers finished off with crunchy cookie pieces.

Available to snag now at your local grocery or convenience store in 170 g blocks for $5 and smaller bite-sized bars for snackers who practise portion control (not us, right guys?), these babies are worth running for. It was the formidable Hannah Montana that sang “you get the best of both worlds” and boy, was she right.

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