Treat your body to some organic goodness from Kako-t

Treat your body to some organic goodness from Kako-t

If you’ve been feeling sluggish or out of sorts lately, perhaps it’s time you underwent a small detox. We’re not saying go all out on a juice cleanse or ditch one of your five daily cups of coffee, but if you’ve overindulged on the weekend then we reckon upping your tea intake will be just the ticket to feeling 100 percent. Kako-t is a locally made tea crafted from organic cacao husks, which pack enough nutrients to remove your woes and give you the energy to face the day ahead.

Honestly, if there is anything better on this green earth than cacao we’d like to see it. If the heavenly chocolaty taste and superfood properties don’t automatically make it a favourite of yours, then perhaps a sip of Kako-t will persuade you. This Brisbane-based endeavour started by locals Raquel and Angelo of Turbo Snacks gluten-free plantain chips fame is presenting organic cacao in a new way – as an aromatic and heavenly tasting tea. Kako-t is brewed from organic cacao shells sourced from across Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic.

Kako-t packages cacao shells for buyers to steep at home – one pour and you’ll be struck by a heady aroma, with a mild taste that is reminiscent of sipping hot chocolate. Most loose-leaf teas are already packed with goodness, and cacao husks are no different. Cacao shells already boast high levels of magnesium, potassium and vitamin D, but the key difference is the presence of theobromine. This naturally occurring stimulant boosts serotonin levels and keeps the good feelings going for longer. In addition to an original blend, Kako-t also offers mixtures incorporating ginger, turmeric and chilli. Head to the Kako-t website to get your hands on some cacao goodness.

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