Discover the Japanese Iced Coffee Method

While to some tastebuds, the velvety concoction of a traditional iced coffee complete with a dollop of vanilla ice-cream, a half litre of milk and topped with swirls of whipped cream is the ideal warm-weather coffee beverage, sometimes all that dairy is just too much. Enter the Japanese Iced Coffee Method. Using pourover coffee techniques, the Japanese Iced Coffee Method drips hot brewed coffee directly onto ice, cooling the liquid instantly and locking in all the sweetness and aromas of your single-origin brew. In this video, Peter Giuliano from Counter Culture Coffee demonstrates his version of the Japanese method. Passionate about sourcing handcrafted coffee straight from farmers and celebrating the farms and cultures that create the beans, Counter Culture Coffee skillfully roasts the blends to bring out the unique flavours.

Image via Dymaxion.

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