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Japanese drip coffee bags make mornings easy

Come the weekend, it’s not unheard of to opt for a slower-paced method of coffee making. Aeropress, chemex, pourover … they all take a little more time and patience, perfect for a lazy morning padding around the house in a robe and slippers. But when every minute is precious as you’re rushing around of a weekday morn, that perfect cup needs to also be a speedy one.

Like a tea bag of coffee, the drip coffee bags common in Japan and other parts of Asia allow you to brew a perfect cup of filter coffee in seconds. Each little packet is made up of a paper filter cradling ground beans and a filter holder. To use the bag, you simply tear the top to expose the ground beans, slip the holder handles over the edges of your cup and pour hot water over the coffee a little at a time. The coffee then drips out the base of the paper filter and you’re ready to duck out the front door.

While you can buy standard grocery-store brands of coffee bags in Japan, small local roasters are also offering up drip bags of freshly ground coffee – meaning your homemade morning cup tastes just as good as a cafe-ordered pourover. Brisbane roasters – food for thought?

Image via iicoffee.

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