In a Biskit may be coming back so 2021 is saved, y'all

In a Biskit may be coming back so 2021 is saved, y’all

We won’t lie – we find ourselves reminiscing about ghosts of snacks past quite often. A few of our personal favourite discontinued delicacies include Bisc&, caramel Paddle Pops, Starburst jelly beans and of course, the long-gone-but-not-forgotten In A Biskit crackers. In serendipitous circumstances, we’ve recently received a top-secret tip that In A Biskit – a true legend of the savoury snacking world – is speculated to be returning to supermarket shelves soon. It’s truly a 2021 miracle!

It was six years ago when one of our favourite savoury snacks, In a Biskit, quietly flew away from the grocery stores (and our pantries) seemingly forever. Since then, a devoted fanbase has continually petitioned to bring the iconic snack back, with outcries made public on numerous Facebook pages such as the Bring Back Ritz Drumstix page and the Bring Back Chicken In A Biskit page.

These desperate pleas have obviously been noticed as earlier this week, a chicken (or specifically, a man in a chicken suit) holding a ‘#InABiskitComeBack’ sign was spotted in numerous cities across the country – and fans are saying that all signs are pointing towards the tasty biscuit making a much-anticipated return. There has been no official confirmation as of yet, but we suggest keeping your eyes peeled for further announcements, which you bet we will give you ASAP.

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