Iced coffee

Get the lowdown on iced coffee in Brisbane

The weather is warming and soon that morning cup of steaming joe is not going to be a pleasant experience unless you’re taking it in supreme igloo-like conditions. Enter: iced coffee. While an ice-cream-containing, cream-topped iced coffee might be some folks’ cup of tea, all that indulgence can sometimes be too much straight after rolling out of bed. This week we hunted down some of the best of the bottled, over ice and alternative cold coffee concoctions in Brisbane.


For the bottled iced coffee variety, head to one of the three Bs – Bunker, Bean or Blackstar. Blackstar’s infamous brown bottles deliver cold-pressed coffee in Total Black, Fully Creamy and Soy Deluxe options. The Total Black is similar to cold long black, with these chilled coffees sweetened with agave syrup. The iced coffees at Bean. feature on either full cream or soy milk, with organic Canadian maple syrup and a dash of vanilla essence added to enhance the hot-and-cold-pressed coffee taste. Favourite hole-in-the-wall Bunker has a new concoction for this summer: bottled aeropress. This black filtered coffee is made using an aeropress and filter-roasted coffee, bottled up into a 200 ml medicine bottle and chilled. This week’s version is made using a certified-organic and fully biodynamic Geisha varietal from Guatemala. Bunker also serves up a double espresso iced coffee on full cream or skim Barambah Organic milk or Bonsoy, and a triple espresso version on full cream only.

Over Ice

Cabinessence crafts a mean iced coffee of espresso and milk, which is both shaken over ice in a vintage cocktail shaker and then poured over more ice for ultimate cooling qualities. The varietal at Pear Cafe and Bar in Highgate Hill comes served similarly in a small carafe, so you can pour your milky concoction over ice as you please. Spring Hill Deli Cafe makes an Espresso on Ice with Milk. This short coffee hit is sweetened with maple syrup. Jamie’s Espresso Bar delivers an iced latte with sugar added if desired. Over at Roost, a standard iced coffee contains a double ristretto, a smidge of raw organic sugar and cream-top organic milk, while things get tricky with the Black Bantam – a five-hour cold-extraction method that sees single-origin beans served over ice with filtered water. You can also get an iced pour over at Roost, or a bubbly concoction slightly resembling a black coffee spider of espresso served over sparkling mineral water. Commodity just installed a freezer, so its ice stock is raring to be turned into a cold caffeine hit. This version sees Costa Rican dulce sugar turned into a sugar syrup, topped with freshly pulled espresso and your choice of milk.

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