How to make Rhubarb Compote

Pull rhubarb stalks straight from the ground, rinse, chop, boil, cool – these are the simple steps narrated through within The Homegrown Swedes’ visual recipe of how to make rhubarb compote. Sanna Fyring Liedgren’s devotion to food and drink was born while working in her parents’ restaurant in Stockholm. There she learnt the value and beauty of simple, uncomplicated flavours. Since then Sanna has worked in restaurants all over the world, now using her skills to create new recipes and cook food for photoshoots and videos. Under The Homegrown Swedes, Sanna and Oscar Liedgren capture how things are done – whether made, cooked, fixed, hammered or assembled – delivered through dreamy timespaces. In this video, the pair communicate a recipe for homemade rhubarb compote, listing the ingredients along with simple instructions for each step in English and Swedish.


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