Pop worth the hop – Coles releases hot cross bun-flavoured popcorn

Pop worth the hop – Coles releases hot cross bun-flavoured popcorn

We don’t mean to alarm you, but everyone’s favourite chocolate-fuelled holiday is just around the corner! With hot cross buns flying off the shelf since Boxing Day and the chocolate eggs lining the confectionary aisle becoming harder to resist, the countdown until the upcoming Easter long weekend is well and truly on. Coles has decided to capitalise on Easter mania, and has been working hard in the kitchen to create your next holiday snack-time obsession – hot cross bun-flavoured popcorn.

Sure to shake up the Easter treat game (and test our bodies to their snacking limits), Coles’ limited-edition hot cross bun-flavoured popcorn is based on the flavour profile of the traditional hot cross bun, and is made with Australian kettle-popped popcorn dusted with a sweet cinnamon and spice seasoning.

The new popcorn has arrived with perfect timing, as Coles’ hot cross buns were recently awarded the top-dog title of best in Australia by consumer watchdog Choice. If you just can’t get enough of these buttery, melt-in your-mouth morsels, Coles is also slinging limited-edition lamington hot cross buns alongside the classic flavours such as traditional, fruit-free, chocolate and the new hot cross bun-flavoured popcorn.

Eager to taste-test these kernels of sweet and savoury goodness? A bag will set you back a mere $2.20 – there’s no doubt on what we will be snacking on when the Easter Bunny rolls into town.

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