Hot Cross Bun flavour returns to Gelateria Cremona, Rosalie

Hot Cross Bun flavour returns to Gelateria Cremona, Rosalie

One ha’ penny, two ha’ penny, hot cross buns. You may need more than a penny to purchase the creamy homemade creations at Gelateria Cremona in Rosalie, but with Easter only rolling around once a year, the hot cross bun flavour is one to invest in.

With the spiced English buns having appeared in grocery stores not long after the New Year, it’s possible your tastebuds have already experienced this annual treat this year. But as the best things come in small packages – or durations – Gelateria Cremona reserves creating its hot cross bun gelato for the Easter weekend.

Renowned for creating obscure but delightful flavours like sweet potato, lemon lime bitters and Anzac biscuit, Gelateria Cremona excels in mirroring the real deal in gelato form. The hot cross bun gelato is a must-try for Easter enthusiasts, or if the chocolate variety is more to your liking, add a scoop of Belgian chocolate ice cream on the side and mix well.


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