What's your flavour? Messina is bringing back 40 of its most indulgent gelato hits for one weekend only

What’s your flavour? Messina is bringing back 40 of its most indulgent gelato hits for one weekend only

In the 19 years that Gelato Messina has been slinging scoops, over 4000 decadent flavours have been licked by loyal customers. To celebrate this glorious achievement, the creative flavour-makers at Messina are letting us taste-test a truly mouth-watering back catalogue of its top 40 greatest hits. Best of all, you’ll be able to pre-order your favourite Messina specials from the comforts of home.

Gelato Messina has created a bucket list of your most-loved specials – the ones that had you going back for seconds (and sometimes thirds) – and are dedicating one week to serving them all up. To keep things on the safe side, you’ll be able to pre-order your favourite flavours in pre-packed tubs. From Monday July 26, you can pre-order 500-ml tubs of your favourite limited-edition specials, which can be picked up anytime between Friday July 30 and Sunday August 1 from Messina’s South Brisbane store. Individual tubs can be filled with just one flavour (so choose wisely) and will set you back $16, or you can get three for $45 and six for $85. If you have a particular penchant for gelato, you can score nine flavours for $125 or — if you’re a total baller — you can lock down 20 flavours for $260.

Now, you just have the difficult decision of what flavour you favour. There’s Twixed (milk chocolate gelato with shortbread and caramel), Fairy Bread (toast-and-butter gelato with 100’s & 1000’s crunch), Messina’s Momofukup (cereal-milk gelato smashed with Momofuku crack pie) and the Milomisu for those who go and go and go (malted chocolate mascarpone gelato with Milo-soaked biscuits and Milo crumble). If you prefer your frozen concoction jam-packed with fruity flavour, then the Pavlova (vanilla gelato with raspberry and passionfruit puree and baked meringue) or Mango Pancake (mango gelato with vanilla cream and pancake crunch) are for you. This is just the tip of the (very tasty) iceberg – there are 40 delicious flavours to choose from all up.

The countdown to pre-order is on, so we suggest you take a gander at the full list of flavours here and set a calendar reminder for Monday. You will thank us later.

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