The Weekend Series: five foodie Instagrams to give you serious food feels

The Weekend Series: five foodie Instagrams to give you serious food feels

If you were to scroll through The Weekend Edition’s Instagram feed, you’d basically see we follow nothing but puppies in small coats, playful goats and food porn. And we’re not talking any food porn – this is some legitimate, drool-inducing, get-in-my-mouth-immediately stuff. From oozing cheese to sumptuous symmetry, we’ve decided to share with you our favourite mouth-watering Instagram accounts to follow that give us some serious food feels. Side note: cute puppy and playful goat account details are available on request.

Infatuation is described as a site that creates restaurant reviews that don’t suck. We can’t really attest to the truthfulness of this comment, because we’ve been spending all our time scrolling through its Instagram feed. What we do know is that Infatuation draws its delicious shots from across the America and the world, with accounts operating in San Francisco, New York City, Los Angeles, London and more. Follow them all or just follow the main account – if you want to work up a hunger quickly, this foodstagram is for you.

Spaghetti grilled cheese ?! What ?!?? #PHAAT

A photo posted by MIAMI’S BEST EATS (@thenaughtyfork) on

The Naughty Fork
Living true to its namesake, The Naughty Fork is a primo provider of F-rated food porn (the F is for FAT). This account showcases some of Miami’s best meals, and by the looks of things we need to schedule a trip in the near future (dale!). This blog boasts a strong social media following (436k followers on Instagram) thanks to its photographs of diet-destroying meals. If you love drooling over cheesy pizzas, bangin’ burgers, dreamy desserts and all kinds of mind-boggling gastronomic constructions – The Naughty Fork has it all.

Peanut butter stuffed chocolate fudge cupcake y’all…heaven on earth
A photo posted by HUNGRYBETCHES (@hungrybetches) on Aug 29, 2016 at 10:34am PDT

Hungry Betches
Following the motto ‘eat, betch, repeat’, Hungry Betches (run by student Michelle Mansoor) has amassed a huge fan base thanks to a strong eye for jaw-dropping dishes and a focus on good, but not expensive eats. What started as a joke has turned into a consistent and vibrant foodstagram account, with high quality pics to froth over. WARNING: This account will stir up a fierce hunger (and a good amount of food envy).

Symmetry Breakfast
Who doesn’t love a good bit of symmetry? Also, who doesn’t like breakfast foodSymmetry Breakfast scratches the itch for those seeking a minimalist, curated and breakfast food-heavy feed to follow. Two London bloggers who love to brunch go all out on their morning flat lays, with some impressive breakfast dishes from around the world. Bagel burgers, jalapeno corn fritters, shakshuka, spring onion pancakes and croissant pretzels are just a fraction of the dishes exhibited. Makes our morning Weet-bix look pretty plain, huh?

Hungry in LA
The city of angels is a veritable mecca of food trends, some that soar and take over across the world and some that fizzle and disappoint fresh out of the pan. Capturing the best of the bustling food scene of Los Angeles is Hungry in LA, operated by LA-native Eddie Sanchez since 2008. Delicious meals are captured in gorgeous quality, with some of LA’s best dishes documented at hidden gems and world-famous locales. You’d be hard pressed to find a more diverse foodstagram account out there.

Honourable mentions: Punch Drink, Scanwiches, Daily Food Feed, New Fork City, The Boy Who Bakes, GK Stories … oh and The Weekend Edition, duh!

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