Let someone else handle the cooking tonight with FoodByUs

Let someone else handle the cooking tonight with FoodByUs

Having a personal chef is definitely one of our life goals, but in reality it will most likely remain a flight of fancy. The next best thing is FoodByUs – a new service that is letting hungry individuals order home cooked meals made by locals. That’s right – home chefs can spread the love by cooking for strangers, and those too busy to cook for themselves can still enjoy healthy and hearty dishes easily.

It’s been a long week – you’ve come home after getting absolutely trampled by long days and deadlines only to realise that you’ve been too busy to go grocery shopping. It’s not like you’ve got the energy to cook anyway, but what are you going to do for dinner? If the thought of cheap takeaway makes you shudder, perhaps FoodByUs will be just the ticket. FoodByUs is a new way to eat – pairing hungry meal hunters with talented home cooks in an online marketplace where customers can buy and sell homemade food. That’s right, if you think your kitchen rules, make the most of it (and make some extra cash) by cooking up a storm for the time poor. 

How does FoodByUs work? Well, the process is thankfully simple – just enter your postcode and see what’s cooking in your area. Nearby cooks will list what can be made in their kitchens, when it will be available and how much it will cost. More than 75 cooks are already signed up to the service, with each applicant undergoing quality tests to ensure they are up to scratch. Like any similar food delivery service, you get to rate them too to ensure that only the finest food is available. Head to the FoodByUs website to get a closer look at the dishes you could be eating for dinner tonight.

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