Five winter warmers to eat now that winter is here

Five winter warmers to eat now that winter is here

You can feel it in the air – winter is here. Whether you react to this news with sadness or jubilation, the fact of the matter is that your favourite winter warmer recipes can now be brought down off the shelf and used until spring hits. Before the chill disappears for another year, make sure you have had your fill of hearty meals. We’ve put together some classic choices to whip up on a particularly chilly weekend.

Soups and stews
It doesn’t get more quintessentially winter than a bone-warming soup or meaty stew. These ones take a little patience to cook and to master, but you’d be hard pressed to find a more satisfying winter dish. If you’ve got a slow cooker at home, you are on easy street. Try this slow-cooked lamb, sweet potato and okra stew, or hearty beef and vegetable casserole. If soup is more your style, whip up some classic roast pumpkin soup, carrot and ginger soup or Thai broth with ‘rice’ noodles. Alternatively, have a look at our soup round-up to find the best soup kitchens in town.


The traditional Sunday roast isn’t going to disappear completely come spring, but slaving away in a hot kitchen isn’t particularly enjoyable – especially when you take into account the heat from the oven. Before the weather increases the risk of you marinating in your own sweat, chuck on a big family roast (or get a few friends around – they can bring the wine) and kit it out with all the winter sides you can gather. Roast veggies, potato salad, gravy – I’m salivating here! Get your carve on one last time before the heat saps your energy levels. We suggest trying this roast chicken recipe, or if you want some pork on your fork, try this suckling pig or garlic-roasted pork shoulder recipe. If you can’t be bothered cooking, head to Alfred & Constance and savour some wood-roasted pork, or 12-hour slow-roasted lamb shoulder.


Mulled wine
This sweet nectar of the gods is a lifesaver when the wind is blustering and the streets are chilly. All of your winter woes are promptly forgotten after a mug of mulled wine, which is why you should imbibe some before the weather necessitates a cooler beverage. You can make some pretty easily at home (here is a recipe to try) or head to The End in West End Black Bear Lodge where the bar staff can make some for you upon request (for a limited time only).
Image: Adeline & Lumiere


A hearty bake is filling and easy to make, thanks to the endless range of ingredients at your disposal. Lasagne, potato bake, moussaka – it’s all gravy, baby! Bakes are a great crowd pleaser and the leftovers are just as good the next day (or the day after that). Have a crack at an eggplant moussaka or a hearty helping of pork and fennel lasagne. Should you like to try some expertly made lasagne, we suggest booking a table at Ristorante La Famiglia for its lasagne della mamma ­– it can’t be beat!
Image:  Mediterranean Eating: Cook – Eat – Live


We. Freaking. Love. Pies! If you couldn’t tell by our round-up, pies are one foodstuff that always brings us joy. Sweet or savoury – it doesn’t matter. All we care about is warm crusts and hot fillings. Pies are perfect for winter, and if you’ve never had a crack at making a pie of your own, now is the perfect chance to try. Who can resist a classic meat pie? Well, aside from vegetarians, pescetarians and vegans – no one (and they can enjoy this vegetable shepherd’s pie if they feel left out). If you have more of a sweet tooth, we’ve got you covered with recipes for rhubarb and a classic hot apple pie. If you haven’t got the touch when it comes to crust, head to Piefection – they’ll know exactly what to recommend.

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