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Fallow launches own artisanal organic tea brand

We were once told not to judge a book by its cover. But these days, we find ourselves judging all manner of things – jars of jams and pickles, slabs of butter, bags of coffee – based simply on the outer branding of the goods in question (though usually these dapper-looking items also practise excellent values at their core).

Though for those tea sippers who aren’t fond of cute pastel-toned packaging or the bright pops of a T2 Tea cubed box, finding a tea brand to match chic dark-toned tastes could be a dilemma. With this in mind, local chariot of all things shadowy and monochromatic, Fortitude Valley boutique Fallow has applied the store’s darker aesthetic to the packaging of its own tea brand.

Fallow Tea sees a range of artisanal organic teas swathed by black cylindrical vessels with subtle branding. The brand’s milky oolong tea is 100% organic and the signature of the bunch, with the tea leaves grown in the Fujian Provence of China. Harvested from the camellia sinensis plant native to eastern Asia, the tightly wrapped tea leaves unfurl to produce a golden fragrant brew with a smooth milky finish. The camellia sinensis must be carefully plucked by artisans to preserve the cell structure of the leaves before being oxidised under controlled conditions. This carefully prepared blend is high in antioxidants and is known to increase the metabolism, reduce body fat, aid digestion and contains anti-ageing and anti-bacterial properties.

Duck up the stairs to the Fallow boutique to sample some of the tea as part of a pop-up tea installation in-store from July 7–31.

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