Celebrate Australian farmers with Fair Food Week

Celebrate Australian farmers with Fair Food Week

Sometimes it can be easy to forget where our food comes from, and the processes it takes to get our produce from the paddock to the plate. Australia’s first-ever Fair Food Week aims to shine a light on our new story of food – a story of fairness.

From October 10–19, the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance (AFSA) is coordinating a series of events across the country to encourage the community to support and educate themselves on the practice of fair food. The events celebrate the 2014 International Year of Family Farming, and include forums, workshops, films, farmers markets and farm tours. Fair Food Week aims to put food sovereignty in the spotlight so that farmers can continue to farm, and so that young Australians will feel encouraged to go into farming. With many farmers being underpaid by major supermarkets and a rise in food imports, the efforts of the week endeavour to address these issues and provide Australian farmers and consumers access to fairly grown, produced and sold food.

Fair Food Week is a self-organising event, encouraging those looking to show their support to organise their event around one of four themes: Beyond the trolley, support your local community fair food projects and groups, grow our urban agriculture, and support gasfield-free communities. The Fair Food Week website has more information if you are looking to host or attend an event.

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