Made in Africa, Moorooka

Discover the wonders of Ethiopian cuisine in Brisbane

Fostering the true meaning of shared dining is the cuisine of Ethiopia. Forgoing cutlery, Ethiopian cuisine uses injera – a spongey pancake- or crepe-like bread – as means for picking up portions of meat, curries and vegetables. Seeking out the most authentic Ethiopian foodstuffs in Brisbane, we discovered a plethora of African food experiences in Moorooka.

Made in Africa delivers authentic African food and drinks in a fairtrade environment. When you opt for the Ethiopian Feast, dining will commence with a traditional hand wash, followed by shared meals of wots (stews) and tibes (warm meat with vegetables). A coffee ceremony to close will see beans roasted, ground and brewed right at your table. You can also take home a variety of spices, powders, coffee and breads from the restaurant, including Ethiopian injera, Sudanese kesera, and Busbusa, an African-style cake.

A little up the road and down a skinny laneway, you’ll find Ethio-African Restaurant & Injera Bakery. Ethiopian dining can be daunting for first-timers when it comes to picking up some stew, but never fear: a handful of napkins will be at the ready. Platters of authentic foodstuffs are devoured with the help of a torn piece of injera. When you pop the tasty morsels into a friend’s mouth instead, this is called goorsha – a sign of true friendship.

Over in West End, Cafe Checocho is a buzzing little cafe and coffee nook during the day, where the odd game of chess is known to occur. At night, however, this little bazaar posited along Hardgrave Road becomes a mecca for all things Ethiopian and Eritrean. With Italy having played a role in colonising Eritrea, you will find an Italian influence to some dishes, with pizza and pasta also on the menu.

Moving further into the Eritrean field, Mu’ooz in Moorooka has a stellar reputation for simple, rustic food of a Northeast African palate. Meaning ‘tasty and healthy’ in Tigrinya – the language of Eritrea and parts of Ethiopia – Mu’ooz is a hub for bold, exotic flavours. A not-for-profit social enterprise, Mu’ooz employs and gives training to refugee African women.

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