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Get the scoop on Brisbane’s edible cookie dough craze

We’ve all heard the warnings – cookie dough should not be eaten raw. Yeah, yeah, we get it – but the stuff taste too darn good to not secretly sample! Well, the day the children inside us have waited for is here – witness the dawning of the age of edible cookie dough. Several intrepid outfits have created recipes for cookie dough without the nasties, meaning that we can finally indulge in our dream dessert without (some of) the guilt.

Doughy Cookie Dough
One of the first outfits to offer edible cookie dough in Brisbane is Doughy Cookie Dough. Operated by Chelsea Trask, this market stall specialises in dough made from normal ingredients such as sugar and flour, but with a few twists. The heat-treated flour and an egg replacer are added to ensure the elimination of undesirable bacteria, making this dough completely safe to eat. Doughy serves up three flavours – the Funfetti flavour with vanilla-based dough and mini M&Ms and sprinkles, the Chocolicious mixes vegan-friendly chocolate-based dough with choc chips, and the Nutty, which boasts a peanut butter swirl and Reese’s Pieces with vanilla dough. If you are eager to sample these guilt-free treats, find Doughy at the Mount Gravatt Marketta on Saturday September 16 and at different markets around town.

Another market-born endeavour is bringing gourmet cookie dough to Brisbane locals in style. KuKI’s homemade dough is made from locally sourced ingredients, using a special preparation method to ensure harmful bacteria is removed completely. Three flavour varieties are currently on offer – an original chocolate-chip dough that is vegan and dairy free, a peanut butter dough mixed with Reese’s Pieces and a chocolate brownie chunk-infused dough. If any of those flavours tickle your tastebuds (they all should, honestly), you can find KuKI at the Kelvin Grove Village Markets.

Just Dough It
If you happen to live on the Gold Coast and get struck with a hankering for some delicious dough, place an order with Just Dough It – the coast’s only spot to get natural, safe-to-eat cookie dough delivered to your door. The menu boasts core flavours, with ingredients ranging from M&Ms, Oreos, Nutella, strawberry, 100s and 1000s, gummy bears, homemade caramel, milk chocolate and mini marshmallows. Vegan and gluten-free eaters can even enjoy this dough, and you can create your own special combo with a dough-it-yourself tub.

Cookie Doh Co
If you aren’t one for markets or simply prefer to have things come to you, then Cookie Doh Co is the dough dispensary for you. Cookie Doh Co delivers its brand of edible dough nationally, with three flavours to choose from. A classic chocolate chip flavour comes mixed with premium Callebaut milk chocolate, while the triple chocolate tub mixes a cocoa cookie dough base with milk, dark and white chocolate to make one heavenly mixture. Finally, the apple and cinnamon flavour brings back nostalgic memories with its infusion of real apple and cinnamon – just like an apple crumble. You can order Cookie Doh Co goods online now.

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