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The round-up: get social at Brisbane City’s best spots to eat, drink and party

We don’t need to remind you that the clock is counting down – we’re sure you are keenly aware that the week is nearly over. Since lunch e-mails have been flying back and forth planning after-work drinks, co-workers eagerly regale each other with their upcoming weekend plans, and lovers are firing off a text to their beau with details for tonight’s intimate dinner – the weekend is here and plans are being made. If you are looking to make the most of your weekend evenings as well, The City has got everything you need, from post-work rendezvous spots to sumptuous feasting opportunities and toe-tapping revelry.

A cheeky post-work tipple
The Gresham
: Say you’ve already got plans for tonight, but your co-workers are nagging you to join them for ‘just one drink’. If you are gracious enough to concede to their pleas, you should do so with the provision that you choose the location. After all, if you are going to stay for just one then it might as well be a good one. Our suggestion is to round up the crew and head to The Gresham for a sublime cocktail. We recommend the Working Class Man (an aptly titled drink for post 5:00 pm), which mixes dark rum, fresh lime juice, grenadine and craft golden ale.

Super Whatnot: Burnett Lane is a great spot to head towards if you are seeking a saloon with a bit more intimacy. Super Whatnot is one of the most stylish spots in the laneway, with a hip multi-level space that is perfect for relaxing and decompressing over a drink or two. Super Whatnot stocks a range of craft beers and wines from Australia and abroad, as well as some delicious cocktails that will have you seriously debating whether or not you have time for another.

Legends Speakeasy Bar: If you really want to impress your pals, track down Legends Speakeasy Bar for a tucked away tipple before you love them and leave them. This secret spot is password protected, but once you make your way inside you’ll be free to snack on a few delightful tapas and knock back that well-earned wine.

Spend an evening sipping and snacking
Red Hook: The period of time from 5:00 pm Friday afternoon until midnight Sunday is for indulgence, and the best way to indulge is with comfort food. Red Hook is Brisbane City’s best spot to source stacked Brooklyn-inspired burgers and American bites. Order the Grandmaster Flash to get a taste of the quintessential New York flair, but don’t be afraid to pair it with your choice of bacon and cheese fries, popcorn chicken, mac ‘n’ cheese squares and Buffalo wings.

Coyotito: In the heart of Eagle Lane is a vibrant Mexican-inspired eatery that prides itself on the most tongue-tantalising tacos in town. If the sounds of chargrilled achiote pork, honey chipotle charcoal chicken, garlic and oregano Mooloolaba prawns, and flame-grilled fish tacos sound like your kind of dinner, you’ve found your spot. Coyotito is perfect for groups, so get your crew together and make a date for taco time!

Riverbar & Kitchen: The only thing that can improve an already impeccable feast (aside lovely company and lively conversation) is a stunning view. Popular waterfront restaurant Riverbar & Kitchen is a must-try if you like to take in the scenery while you dine. Picture yourself eating lamb ragu pappardelle or steamed barramundi with bok choy, while sipping on a lychee mojito as the lights of the Story Bridge twinkle across the river. Sounds pretty fantastic, doesn’t it?

Take your weekend to the limit
Doo-Bop Jazz Bar: You’ve worked hard and you are going to play hard. It’s time to make the most of your night – early morning farmer’s market commitments be damned! If you’re keen to take the night for everything it’s worth, you’re going to need to find the right spot to party. Thankfully, you don’t need to search too hard – there are plenty of places to choose from. Doo-Bop Jazz Bar is one of the newest faces on the swingin’ City scene, with live jazz every night and food and drink available until 3:00 am.

Blackbird Bar & Grill: Pairing some 1920s-inspired opulence with a near unbeatable location, Blackbird Bar & Grill is a popular nightspot for good reason. Award-winning bartenders whip up cocktails all night long, while grazing menus are on offer for those that need to fuel up before they dance the night away. Oh, and lovers of a good view will be able to take in some incredible riverside vistas from Blackbird’s 180-degree vantage point.

Brooklyn Standard: Eagle Lane harbours another hidden gem in the form of Brooklyn Standard, a bar and live music venue that packs a lot of partying potential. On any given night, Brooklyn Standard turns up the volume and welcomes a variety of live music to its stage every night from 7:30 pm. We’re talking funk, soul, jazz, blues, rock, and even mad mariachi – regardless of the style we’re sure that you’ll have one hell of a toe-tapping terrific night out.

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