Banger bites – Domino's is spinning Sausage Sizzle Pizza and chuck us one pronto

Banger bites – Domino’s is spinning Sausage Sizzle Pizza and chuck us one pronto

The Australian tradition of popping over to Bunnings on the weekend for a cheeky saus never gets old. The mix of barbecued meat, caramelised onion and your choice of sauce (we won’t get into this debate now) on a beautiful base of white bread is a winning combination that we never thought could be recreated with justice. But perhaps we have judged too soon as the clever sausages at Domino’s have whipped up a new doughy concoction – a Sausage Sizzle Pizza. Be still our beating hearts.

For a limited time only (set your alarm now, folks), the Sausage Sizzle Pizza will be gracing the menu at your local Domino’s. This delicious sphere of Australian-inspired flavours features barbecued beef snag, grilled onion and stretchy mozzarella loaded on to a classic tomato-covered pizza base. To perfect the creation, it’s then topped off with a lashing of tomato sauce and mustard. We’re drooling already.

Need to get your hands on a slice of this pizza de résistance? The Domino’s Sausage Sizzle Pizza will be available from Monday January 25 for just $7.95 (a little more if you can’t pick up your order aka you’re too hungover to drive). If you simply cannot wait, we’ve heard whispers that you can score this mouth-watering monstrosity a few days earlier if you’ve got the Domino’s app   all you have to do is weasel your way to the secret menu.

Image credit: Domino’s

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