Education in a cup with Dandelion and Driftwood, Hendra

Education in a cup with Dandelion and Driftwood, Hendra

Extending people’s palate and enhancing the experience of drinking coffee is motivation behind the tasting flight at Dandelion & Driftwood. Coffee education in a cup – or two piccolos to be exact – the tasting flight teaches your palate to distinguish between the different flavours of D&D’s two house blends.

The Dandelion blend is the ‘feminine’ option, with stone-fruit flavours of mariposa plums and cherries, a medium-body base and a refined yet nippy acidity. The ‘masculine’ Driftwood blend has a bold and adventurous flavour, with a thick body and rich creaminess similar to a ganache.

While not specifically targeted to a particular gender, Dandelion and Driftwood owner Penny Wolff says people always strongly lean towards one or the other. Alternatively, the tasting flight can be sampled with the two single-origin blends available, which change constantly.

Also broadening Hendra dwellers’ coffee experience is D&D’s brew bar, offering hot and cold drip on two single-origin blends. Their yama cold drip is an Asian brewing method, where cold water and ice drips into the ground coffee beans for 24 hours, is refrigerated and then served over ice.

This slow, carefully crafted method is designed to be sipped and enjoyed slowly – the same way you would sit and relax with a glass of wine. It’s a cleaner style compared to an espresso-based cup, with the flavours of a blend significantly different when prepared cold.

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