Cup Coffee x Coffee Supreme

Cup Coffee Roasters pairs up with Coffee Supreme

In Australia, we’re lucky to have an excellent breakfast culture, where our weekend cafes of choice not only provide lush creative fare but also invest time and effort into pairing meals with a well-crafted cup of coffee.

Local arbiter of small-batch coffee Josh Russell has been instrumental in setting up a bunch of cafes about Brisbane, as well as guiding many foodie dens in their mission to deliver a perfect cup. Under the Cup Coffee Roasters brand, Josh ran the original Cup cafe in West End, opened the roastery in Woolloongabba, and paired up on Merriweather and Strauss. Now Cup Coffee Roasters is taking the next step in its journey, pairing up with New Zealand-via-Melbourne roaster Coffee Supreme. The Australian wing of the New Zealand company is run by Heath Cater and Justin Emerson, who Josh has been friends with for a few years. Knowing the pair was interested in expanding the Melbourne wing to Brisbane, Josh approached them to see if they were interested in teaming up in Queensland.

The way the two brands do business is a good fit, and with Coffee Supreme very service focused in its operations, the merger will mean Cup’s current clients will receive more hands-on technical assistance with coffee machines – something Josh wanted to offer as the next step with his business anyway. Josh and his Cup team will continue to roast the same seasonal blends and single origins that our tastebuds have come to know so well, but the branding will slowly switch over in the coming months. Cup stalwarts can also look out for a new project in the near future.

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