Crust & Co. Artisan Baking, Newmarket
Crust & Co. Artisan Baking, Newmarket
Crust & Co. Artisan Baking, Newmarket
Crust & Co. Artisan Baking, Newmarket

New Crust & Co. Artisan Baking in Newmarket

The divine creations rising within The Red Brick Bakery in Newmarket have been restricted to wholesale buyers for too long. The bakery’s commercial arm, Crust & Co. Artisan Baking, has finally flung open the doors and welcomed the public in for a loaf of sourdough and a flaky pastry, or 12.

Step through the side door of Newmarket’s iconic The Red Brick Bakery and the scent of freshly baked bread will tickle the nostrils and tempt the tastebuds until you leave with both belly and basket full. French-Italian baker Sébastien Pisasale and co-owner Lara Sample of Chouquette boulangerie and patisserie in New Farm are filling the Crust & Co. Artisan Baking racks with specialty sourdough, flaky pastries and a range of gourmet goods like raisin and almond muesli, and chocolate and hazelnut biscotti.

Hailing from Strasbourg in France, Sébastien is a purist who favours traditional long-fermentation baking methods and liquid sourdough, which enhances the bread’s natural flavours and produces that irresistibly crunchy crust. While the bakery’s offerings will largely remain unchanged, the team of bakers will craft a new special every Saturday morning, adding to the luscious selection of rye, wholemeal and traditional sourdough, ciabatta with olive oil, chocolate and hazelnut croissants, apple danishes and a selection of savoury tarts. An eagerly awaited coffee machine will join the Crust & Co. family this week, sating customers and the early rising bakers with strong cups of Merlo Coffee.

Crust & Co. Artisan Baking
140 Edmondstone Street, Newmarket
Ph: 07 3162 2468
Open: Friday to Sunday 6:00 am to 12:00 pm

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