Beat the heat with a Coast Cold Brew

Beat the heat with a Coast Cold Brew

Coast Cold Brew are the latest independent gourmet producer of cold brew coffee, perfect for a summertime pick-me-up.

The summer months are sweltering, making it hard for many of us to enjoy a cup of coffee – we’d rather something cold. Iced coffee is a great substitute, but can sometimes lack the energy hit of the warmer variety. Thankfully, cold brew coffee is smooth, tasty, packs more of a boost and is also healthier than regularly brewed java.

Coast Cold Brew is a Gold Coast-based outfit that produces some amazing cold brew coffee concentrate that can be mixed with milk or water to dictate strength and served hot or cold depending on preference.

Coffee that has been cold brewed may also carry many health benefits thanks to lower acidity which in turn reduces indigestion and lessons cholesterol levels. The Coast Cold Brew team also insist that their coffee is well suited to recipes that call for coffee based ingredients, thanks to its natural flavour that is locked in from brew to you.

If you are curious to try some cool coffee, Coast Cold Brew can be found at many markets on the Gold Coast and northern New South Wales, but is also stocked at Eaglefarm Market and select retailers.

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