Crack open a limited edition bottle of pet-nat from City Winery and Zero Fox

Crack open a limited edition bottle of pet-nat from City Winery and Zero Fox

What do you get when an inner-city winery joins forces with a craft-beer dispensary? A seriously tasty tipple, that’s what. City Winery and Zero Fox, two of Teneriffe’s bonafide boozy hotspots, have come together to create a drinkable lovechild by way of a limited-edition bottle of pet-nat, or petillant-naturel for the uninitiated. Pet-nat varietals are gaining traction in the world of natural wines, but before you go thinking it’s a new fad, it actually heralds a return to the ancient way of making sparkling wine.

Whether you’re a seasoned wine drinker or you’d prefer to taste your way through a paddle of craft beer, the pet-nat from City Winery and Zero Fox is worth a try. The curious collab boasts a cloudy appearance, so it fits well within the craft-beer movement and offers a crisp, interesting and funky flavour profile that will attract people from both camps. One of the resounding characteristics of pet-nat wines is their drinkability, which makes them perfect for sipping in the sunshine.

The unexpected alliance was born from a mutual admiration between both boozers and City Winery’s first foray into the world of pet-nat wines for winemaker Dave Cush. The bottle contains grapes sourced from the Clare Valley in South Australia and features a unique label created by artist Dita Angeles. Due to the nature of the pet-nat process, no two batches are alike, which is why there will only ever be one single barrel, or about 400 bottles, of the limited-edition drop produced. Once it’s gone, it’s gone for good. If you’re keen to nab yourself a bottle or two, you best make tracks to City Winery or Zero Fox sooner rather than later.

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