What the cluck – KaiKai Chicken's buffet offering now comes with bottomless booze

What the cluck – KaiKai Chicken’s buffet offering now comes with bottomless booze

Folks, let’s not beat around the bush. Second only to ‘I’ve won the lotto’, perhaps the four most beautiful words you can hear in a row are ‘all you can eat’. It is for this reason that you all went a little bit nuts when KaiKai Chicken opened in St Lucia last year – not since the glory days of the Sizzler salad bar had we experienced such buffet bliss! Well, prepare to have your socks knocked off all over again – KaiKai has just thrown bottomless booze into the mix.

For those of you playing at home who aren’t familiar, KaiKai Chicken is pretty much a mecca for those who like to feast. The St Lucia joint made waves last year with its mouth-watering all-you-can-eat offering of crispy fried chicken, pizza and ribs, so the team has decided to up the ante. Allow us to introduce you to the Chix’n’Booze Buffet, KaiKai’s brand new bottomless chicken and alcohol package. No, that is not a typo and no, this is not a drill.

So what exactly can you expect when you sit down to the Chix’n’Booze Buffet? Allow us to lay it down for you. For the absurdly modest price of $49.90, patrons are given a 90-minute window to indulge in unlimited wings, dirty fries, hot sides, salad bar offerings, desserts and a selection of bottomless alcohol. Feast to your heart’s content on a variety of delicious flavour combinations washed down with international beers and the house KaiKai lager, Blue Hawaiian, Lychee Fairy and Tequila Sunrise cocktails, plus red, white and sparkling wines. Arm yourself with a bottle of Gaviscon and go to town, friends!

Keen to stuff yourself silly at the Chix’n’Booze Buffet? You can find contact details for KaiKai Chicken in the Stumble Guide.

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