Chemex Ottomatic brews the perfect coffee with the push of a button

Chemex Ottomatic brews the perfect coffee with the push of a button

In order to get a perfectly brewed coffee at home, we don’t mind taking it slow to savour the process. But some mornings we just don’t have the time to go through the motions – that’s where the Chemex Ottomatic comes in.

Lovers of Chemex will know that – while it is worth every minute – you need to devote a little bit of time to get it just right. Getting the water to the correct temperature, pouring just enough in to get the coffee to bloom and then ever so slowly pouring that water evenly over the coffee to perfectly extract all the flavour from your favourite blend – it can take some practice, and some time.

For those days when you can’t spare the minutes, Chemex has created the Ottomatic coffeemaker, which automatically manages brewing variables such as pre-infusion and contact time of water to coffee. The Ottomatic also heats the water to the perfect temperature and regulates the temperature of the coffee via a hotplate. The coffeemaker also uses new ‘Greedy Cup’ spray-head technology, which ensures a staged brewing cycle, wets the entire coffee bed and facilitates even extraction. All you have to do is add the filter and coffee, and push a button.

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