Pavement Whispers: Cerin Pasticceria, an Italian-style bakery serving cakes, cornetti and coffee, is opening soon in Woolloongabba

Pavement Whispers: Cerin Pasticceria, an Italian-style bakery serving cakes, cornetti and coffee, is opening soon in Woolloongabba

Brisbane’s bakery scene has long been dominated by French-style patisseries and boulangeries. But soon, folks might begin clamouring for cornetti instead of croissants. Cerin Pasticceria will open in Woolloongabba later this month, serving a suite of Italian-style pastries, cakes, pizza by the tray and focaccia sandwiches. Here’s what we know …

If one were to conduct a census of Brisbane’s dining scene, the results would likely show an abundance of two things – bakeries and Italian restaurants. These results might not be much of a surprise to many, but a closer look at the numbers will reveal that, aside from one or two options, very few of our city’s pastry slingers are Italian inspired. When it comes to baked goods, it seems that croissants boast as tight a stranglehold on our taste buds as cacio e pepe, capricciosa and cotoletta. But that statistic might soon change – especially if a pair of Italian expats have anything to say about it.

Later this month, a new pasticceria will look to tip the baked-good scales back in the direction of balance. Cerin Pasticceria – a chic dispenser of Italian-style cakes, pastries and savoury goodies – is currently taking shape in the heart of Woolloongabba’s heritage-filled Logan Road cul-de-sac. It’s the brainchild of seasoned pastry chef Matteo Cerin and veteran front-of-house wiz Giuseppe Caputo, who met while working together at a bakery in The City. After contemplating branching out to launch their own individual hospitality concepts, the duo decided to team up when they realised they were aligned, both in terms of what they wanted to open and what they wanted to achieve – the latter being creating something that Brisbane locals hadn’t seen before.

“I think there’s something’s missing in Brisbane,” says Matteo, who previously worked as a pastry chef for heralded Melbourne bakery Noisette before relocating to Brisbane. “I see an opportunity in Brisbane – it’s a great city that is growing and growing.”

The duo is currently hard at work converting the space previously home to The Bakers Arms into a classic bakery and deli, keeping the interior aesthetics in line with the venue’s history-laden surroundings. “Because Woolloongabba is a pretty old precinct, we wanted to keep a little bit of that vibe,” explains Giuseppe. “We didn’t want to be super modern or look super fancy. We want to keep it simple, warm and give a nice impression to the customers.”

Matteo and Giuseppe are keeping a lot of the existing brickwork on display, matching it with a curved marble-topped counter which will house cake cabinets, pastry displays and a coffee machine. In addition to a large commercial kitchen in the rear, Cerin Pasticceria will feature an enclosed room behind the counter dedicated to dough rolling, boasting a window for guests to peer through and see the pastry pros at work. Aside from a strip of stools running along a street-facing window bench, Cerin’s seating will be confined to the venue’s footpath.

Once open, Matteo will handle the bulk of Cerin’s baking duties, while Giuseppe oversees the customer-facing side of the business. Though Matteo will be weaving in traces of influence from a number of inspirational sources, Cerin Pasticceria will favour Italian flavours at its core. “We are going to be Italian, but Italian in the current world is all mixed up,” says Matteo. “The French do Italian stuff, Italians do French stuff – so it’s going to be a bit of a mix.”

The pasticceria’s range will be headlined by an assortment of cakes, including small treats (pasticcini), individual cakes, large cakes and limited-edition celebratory cakes. The counter will be filled with biscuits and pastries (both sweet cornetti and savoury items), as well as pizzas and focaccias by the tray (plus focaccia sandwiches). A small deli section will house a range of Italian products sourced from friends or reputable suppliers, while Veneziano Coffee Roasters will be supplying the all-important caffeine.

Cerin Pasticceria is on track to open towards the end of April. Keep an eye out for an up-close look soon and be sure to follow the venue’s progress on social media.

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