Sharpen your fangs for the arrival of Carnivore Club’s meaty morsels

Sharpen your fangs for the arrival of Carnivore Club’s meaty morsels

Warning to all vegetarians and vegans – this story isn’t for you. If you are a red-blooded meat eater then you are the one we want to talk to. The Carnivore Club celebrates everything meaty by sending out subscription boxes filled to the brim with salivation-inducing meats. After conquering the tastebuds of the USA, UK and Canada, the Carnivore Club is now sinking its incisors into Australia with its imminent launch.

We love charcuterie. No, we’re serious – charcuterie is life. There’s nothing better than laying your eyes on a stacked platter of cured meats. When the craving for charcuterie hits, it hits hard, which is why the arrival of the Carnivore Club is a veritable gift from the heavens. After wowing meat eaters all over the world, the Carnivore Club is bringing its meaty subscription boxes to Australia as of this month – filled with some of the finest cured meats and sending them direct to your door every month.

Each delivery of meat comes in a striking box, which is filled with a selection of handcrafted cured meats from some high quality artisans and butchers. The first box available to Australians will include the likes of kangaroo prosciutto, bresaola, smoked chicken breast and streaky bacon from Poachers Pantry. Every box will come with recipes and serving suggestions, making it a perfect gift for someone that looks like they could use a bit of extra protein in their diet. Give them a hint, then give them a box and spread the carnivore love.

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