A Melbourne company has just released the world’s first-ever cannabis gin
A Melbourne company has just released the world’s first-ever cannabis gin

A Melbourne company has just released the world’s first-ever cannabis gin

There was a time in history when cannabis was written off pretty heavily – the plant was demonised, misrepresented and seemingly always associated with negative imagery. Thankfully, times have changed and public perception is slowly but surely shifting – people are beginning to come around to the many positive uses of the plant across food, medicine, textiles and more. The Cannabis Company is a Melbourne-based outfit that is leading this innovative charge towards change, having just released the world’s first-ever gin distilled using cannabis terpenes.

So let’s break it down really quickly – the Myrcene Hemp Gin is a brand-new spirit from The Cannabis Company, named for its use of the most abundant terpene found in the cannabis plant. If you’re scratching your head a bit, don’t fret – this language pretty much means the company has extracted what is basically considered the ‘essence’ of a cannabis plant and used it in the distilling process of the gin. The company used myrcene as the backbone of its gin not just for its earthy woodland flavour, but also for its joyful and relaxing effects.

It would be easy to think that The Cannabis Company is riding on a gimmick or racing to be the first to release a hemp gin, but this project is a labour of love that has been years in the making. Chief Marketing Officer Cormac Sheehan stressed the importance of creating a gin of award-winning standard independent of its ties to hemp – a gin that could be enjoyed even if you never knew it had anything to do with cannabis. The product is innovatively crafted in column stills (as opposed to the traditional pot-still method), resulting in a light and fresh flavour profile with notes of lavender, pine and sage.

The Cannabis Company’s Myrcene Hemp Gin has been small-batched crafted in Healesville, Victoria with an initial release limited to just 300 bottles. For more information on pre-ordering, head to The Cannabis Company’s website.

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