Dreams do come true – two cult faves combine for Cadbury's new Caramilk Marble chocolate block

Dreams do come true – two cult faves combine for Cadbury’s new Caramilk Marble chocolate block

This time last year, we were in the midst of very uncertain times. The beloved treat slingers at Cadbury were there to comfort us through this difficult period, offering solace by reviving their iconic Marble block (bless their cotton socks). This year, the dessert kingpin has decided to up the ante for its newest creation by combining two of our favourite flavours. Please give a warm welcome to Cadbury’s newest chocolate block – Caramilk Marble.

The chaos that ensued in the confectionery aisles across the country when Caramilk finally hit our shores was unprecedented. This lawless reaction was replicated when the much-loved Marble choccy block was reintroduced into our lives (this writer scoured the shelves of five stores in Brisbane before she was able to score a block). We naively believed this level of pure excitement couldn’t be repeated – that was, until now. After weeks of speculation that something absolutely crazy was about to be released from the chocolate factory, Cadbury has finally confirmed the rumours are true – Caramilk Marble is about to be unleashed onto the masses.

Arguably the most iconic pairing since Justin and Britney, the new Cadbury Caramilk Marble block is a heavenly blend of milk chocolate and Cadbury Caramilk caramelised white chocolate on the outside, and is filled with the creamy hazelnut praline of Cadbury Dairy Milk Marble. This deliciously decadent morsel is set to land in our sweet little hands sometime this month so we suggest double-checking the confectionery aisle next time you tackle your grocery shopping.

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