Activate inner health with Buchi Kombucha

Activate inner health with Buchi Kombucha

Kombucha is a functional food that helps digestive balance and fights body toxins. The drink is as unique as they come, and it is becoming increasingly popular among health-conscious Queenslanders.

It is understandable to approach the notion of drinking fermented tea with hesitation, and indeed kombucha is one of the most bizarre products on the market, but the folks at Buchi Kombucha are adamant that its brand of drink is not only tasty, but also incredibly good for you.

Essentially, kombucha is a form of tangy fermented tea. Labelled as a living beverage, it is made using a blend of fermented white, green or black tea, organic raw sugar and a symbiotic colony of bacteria or yeast. The living cultures within the kombucha feed on the sugar and trigger microbial transformations within the liquid, allegedly providing a range of health benefits to the drinker.

Buchi Kombucha mentions that its kombucha tea helps detoxify the body, energise the mind and aid digestion. The business is owned and operated by Jason Callender and Dr Sarah Lantz, with all products being brewed and bottled in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast. If you would like to pick up a bottle to try, Buchi Kombucha can be found at Davies Park Market and Northey Street Farmers Market as well as numerous health food stores across Brisbane.

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