Cold brew is a cinch with Bruer

Cold brew is a cinch with Bruer

Bruer doesn’t dabble with espresso machines or plungers, but rather have come up with a unique method for making your own cold press coffee.

An American company is leading the charge when it comes to home-brewed coffee. Gabe Herz and Andy Clark are two coffee enthusiasts with Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design degrees respectively. Using their practical know how and a bit of creative energy, the two formed Bruer and then subsequently released their first creation, the Cold Bruer – a device that allows you to slow drip brew a pot of cold press goodness in your own kitchen.

Using a simple filtration system, the Cold Bruer can make more than half a litre – or roughly four cups of coffee – in four hours. Simply pour ice water into the top container and allow for it to slowly drip through a bed of coffee. The Cold Bruer features an adjustable valve, which allows for different brew times and is made with high quality stainless steel and food grade silicone materials.

Bruer states that the slow drip method is better than full immersion techniques thanks to the extraction of certain compounds from the coffee grounds, which results in a cleaner, less-bitter flavour thanks to lower acidity levels. Cold brew coffee pairs well with milk but is also fine to drink on its own thanks to its refined, velvety flavour.

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