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The round-up: Brisbane’s ten best places for coffee as voted by you

We’re approaching the end of the year, which means energy levels are understandably running a little bit low. We need a bit of help getting our head into the game for the final stretch, so a strong caffeine hit is just what we need. Thankfully Brisbane’s got no shortage of exceptional coffee joints to choose from. This year’s EAT/drink Awards saw thousands of our valued readers submit their choice for Brisbane’s best, and we got some incredible selections. If you’re nodding off more often at work or simply enjoy a perfectly poured brew, we’ve assembled the top ten vote getters for Brisbane’s best coffee spot.

Winner: Fonzie Abbott, Albion
It’s been almost ten years since Dan Pappas first started his boutique coffee-roasting operation Fonzie Abbott, growing steadily from unheralded newcomer to a titan of the local scene. What’s the secret? Perhaps it’s Fonzie’s ‘Farm to Palm’ initiative, which ensures that beans for the brand’s single origin coffees and seasonal blends are being sourced directly from coffee farmers. Fonzie Abbott’s striking lightning-bolt logo is now visible at some of Brisbane’s finest cafes, as well as at the roaster’s own Albion headquarters, meaning that where-ever lightning strikes, good coffee will be found.

Runner-up: Bunker Coffee, Milton
Marcus Allison is known by many as Brisbane’s own specialty coffee guru. The owner of Milton caffeine institution Bunker was one of the earliest adopters of specialty techniques, championing new ways think about, brew and sip coffee. It seems like Marcus’ enthusiasm has rubbed off on many of our readers, who have elected Bunker as one of Brisbane’s best. Marcus has furthered the good word of coffee, also opening popular caffeine dispensaries John Mills Himself and Bessa Coffee – both worth checking out, too!

Runner-up: Told You So, North Lakes
One of Brisbane’s best kept coffee secrets is Told You So Coffee at the Evergreen Centre in North Lakes. This chic and minimalist nook serves white, black and filter coffee (as well as the refreshing soda coffee) using beans from renowned roaster Single O, pairing the drinks with delectable sweets from Belle & Tortie. We asked and our readers voted – some of Brisbane’s best coffee can be found north, and when you are humming after the first sip, just remember that we told you so.

Coffee Anthology, Brisbane City
It’s not uncommon to catch a gaggle of caffeine seekers milling about outside beloved inner-city cafe Coffee Anthology every morning. Groggy corporates and brunch hunters hastily head towards the Margaret Street institution to get their morning pick-me-up, sometimes popping back again during the day for another fix. It doesn’t matter if you’re after a prompt piccolo or would rather enjoy a lengthy brunch with a long black in hand – Coffee Anthology remains one of the best places to get your hands on some of Brisbane’s best brew.

Black Sheep Coffee, Woolloongabba
Located after a few twists and turns in the back streets of Woolloongabba, Black Sheep Coffee is a terrific place to get your hands around a well-brewed mug of specialty brew. The team at Black Sheep prides itself on serving ethically and sustainably sourced coffee sourced directly from quality estates around the world. If you’re a gear head, you’ll get a kick out of seeing Black Sheep’s three-group Syness0 Hydra machine in action, while alternative brew methods are also available for those seeking more experimental drops.

Edward Specialty Coffee, Brisbane City
Another must-try inner-city pitstop, what Edward Specialty Coffee lacks in size and seats, it amply makes up for it in sheer quality of its brew. Located a stone’s throw from Central Station, Edward Specialty Coffee boasts one of the best spots to catch local foot traffic, luring in guests with the scent of fresh pours. Edward Specialty Coffee’s espresso and filter single origins are made using beans from White Horse Coffee, with take-home bags available for those that need the good stuff on hand 24/7.

Reverends Fine Coffee, Fortitude Valley
Few coffee spots are as cosy as Reverends on Brunswick Street. There’s something about pulling up a pew and soaking in the exposed brick, comfort food and warm mugs of coffee that get us all fuzzy inside, but it’s more than just aesthetics that we love Reverends for. From piping-hot espresso to perfectly chilled cold-drip coffee, the brew on offer is consistent and invigorating. If you like variety, Reverends has you covered with a monthly rotating selection of boutique single origins from other Australian roasters,

Big Bad Wolff, Hendra
When it comes to the biggest names in Brisbane’s roasting scene, Wolff Coffee Roasters might be one of this city’s best. This is not some huffing and puffing-style bluster – it’s the honest to goodness truth. We swear on the hairs of our chinny chin chins! Wolff’s Hendra espresso bar is the place to go if you want to sip fresh from the source, with delicious specialty coffee made beans used straight from the roastery.

Salt. Coffee Roasters, Newstead
Brisbane’s caffeine scene is scored a striking newcomer in the early days of 2019 in the form of Salt. Coffee Roasters. Owner Zac Lazarac has devised the hangout’s approach, emphasising attention to detail, efficiency, community support and an ever-evolving product. Salt’s coffee menu encompasses the usual array of espresso-based drinks – from flat whites to long blacks – but a manual brew bar has been given over to concocting specialty brews such as filter, pour over and cold-drip coffees. 

Extraction Artisan Coffee, Slacks Creek
Extraction Artisan Coffee in Logan is the kind of operation that helps make the daily grind easier with a grind of a different variety. The cafe boasts a 10kg Proaster roaster and a top of the line VA388 Black Eagle Gravitech coffee machine, which ensures perfect pours every time. Beans are sourced from importers around Australia, with only the finest specialty beans used for Extraction’s milk blends, espresso single origin and a single variety bean for filter coffee.

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