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The round-up: Brisbane’s ten best places for coffee as voted by you

For many of us, the most important people in our lives include (in no particular order) our significant other, our immediate family and our barista. We depend mightily on coffee slingers – they handle us at our uncaffeinated worst, they listen while we air our latest grievances and (most importantly) they know our coffee order. Brisbane is bursting at the seams with excellent coffee spots from the homely and quaint cafes to the striking specialty outfits. As part of the EAT/drink Awards last year, we asked you what the best coffee spot in Brisbane was, and you responded with a host of selections that is a testament to our diverse scene. We’ve compiled a list of the top ten vote-getters, giving you a definitive selection of Brisbane’s best.

Winner: Bunker Coffee
Being named as Brisbane’s best coffee spot is a huge honour, but the skilled coffee pourers at Milton’s Bunker Coffee are used to high praise. One of Brisbane’s OG specialty coffee joints, Bunker Coffee’s leafy hideaway (formerly a 1940s war bunker) has been the preferred haunt for caffeine junkies since 2010, and has maintained a strong focus on pouring only the best brews. Since the winners were announced at the beginning of 2017, the team behind Bunker opened up another top-notch coffee spot down the road called Bessa. That means Milton locals get a double shot of quality coffee whenever they want!

Runner-up: Big Bad Wolff
Wolff Coffee Roasters operates under a simple motto – ‘Masters of our craft’. Once you arrive at the roaster’s sizeable home in Hendra, it’s easy to see its commitment to mastering all aspects of coffee service. Wolff Coffee Roasters places prime importance on flavour, serving sublime specialty grade coffee at its in-house cafe Big Bad Wolff, while also roasting beans on site and training the next generation of award-winning baristas at the Wolff College of Coffee. It’s no secret why Big Bad Wolff ranked highly among all vote getters – this place is the real deal.

Runner-up: morning after
Few cafes are so appropriately named as morning after. If you’ve been burning the midnight oil or indulged a bit too much the night before, morning after is one of the best places to go to regain your humanity. morning after has three different coffees on offer from some great roasters – Five Senses, Roast by Yili and Uncle Joe’s, as well as a great menu of life-giving nourishment.

Black Sheep Coffee
Though some coffee drinkers find the new wave of specialty methods intimidating, there are plenty of spots that imbue a tonne of fun into its coffee selection. Black Sheep Coffee dispenses the goods from a cafe tucked away inside a Wolloongabba-based industrial estate, serving up drops brewed across a range of experimental methods. If you want coffee that’s delicious and exciting, seek out Black Sheep.

The past decade has seen a huge shift in consciousness when it comes to ethical and sustainably sourced coffee, and Campos is one of the local roasters leading the charge for the betterment of the growing industry. The team at Campos believes that coffee tastes its best when it’s made ethically. Campos starts its process by meeting with growers and producers directly, overseeing the harvest from its origin to your cup in order to ensure quality control. Each roast undergoes extensive cupping and tasting exercises to ensure perfect flavour profile, so if you are after the best, definitely give Campos a try.

John Mills Himself
Amidst the bevvy of coffee spots on every street corner in The City, there is one nook that sets itself apart from the pack. John Mills Himself is a sequestered cafe that is one of the most lauded spots for coffee drinkers in the know. This is a multi-roaster cafe, meaning that it does not align with any one brand. John Mills Himself aligns itself with local roasters that match with the cafe’s own ethos, with drops available from roasters such as Mecca, Small Batch, Sample and Wood & Co Coffee Roasters.

Coffee Anthology
Coffee Anthology has done a great service when it comes to changing mindsets around coffee and trailblazing a path for specialty brew in Brisbane. As one of the key destinations for high-quality pours in The City, Coffee Anthology has earned renown for its ever-changing collection of beans sourced from the finest growers and roasters around the world, including Padre, Axil Coffee Roasters, Disciple Roasters, Reformatory Coffee Lab and Symmetry Coffee Roasters.

The Tiller
Since September 2013, The Tiller has been sharing a passion for all things coffee with java junkies across Brisbane. The team at The Tiller stands apart from most coffee spots thanks to its passion for specialty brews, sustainable process and community spirit. Set inside an old shipping container in the heart of Alderley, coffee fiends can get expertly poured cups of Joe from Parallel Roasters, as well as several rotating guest blends across alternate brew methods including chemex, Aeropress and cold drip.

Jamie’s Espresso Bar
When it comes to longevity, Jamie’s Espresso Bar on James Street has been keeping the fuel flowing for more than 18 years. Jamie Bellas knows his way around a coffee machine, and has been consistently serving some of the best pours for ages. If time at the top is your key barometer for must-try coffee, Jamie’s decades-long reputation as one of the best makes it an easy choice.

Fonzie Abbott
One way to tell the legitimacy of a roaster’s reputation is by tracking where its beans pop up around town. By this measurement, Fonzie Abbott is one of Brisbane’s most beloved roasters, with its beans on offer at more than a dozen local cafes. Though there’s a good chance one of these cafes can be found near you, we suggest going straight to the source at the Fox Street Factory in Albion, where the staff will be more than happy to give you a comprehensive rundown on what makes Fonzie Abbott coffee so popular.

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