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The round-up: sweet dreams are made of cheese – Brisbane’s cheesiest dishes
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The round-up: sweet dreams are made of cheese – Brisbane’s cheesiest dishes

Ever heard of the term C.R.E.A.M? It stands for ‘cheese rules everything around me’. Give me a bunch of cheeses and I’ll Edam all! I know what you’re thinking, “Haha, that joke was a gouda one!” To that I say thank you, friend! I love cheese so much I’ve changed my middle name to Gruyère. I’m not the only one that loves the stuff – several of Brisbane’s eateries are cheese fiends too. To prove it, we’ve put together a list of some of the cheesiest meals in town. If you are lactose intolerant, consider this an apology in advance. This piece might be a bit torturous for you, so I won’t be offended if you’re feeling bleu and can’t read any further. For the rest of you cheese lovers, feast your eyes on these bad boys!

Gruyere fondue in a sourdough cob at Fromage The Cow: You just knew Fromage The Cow was going to be on this list. Aside from the turquoise cow outside, to the Fromage signature cheese platter to the walk-in cheese fridge, there’s a lot of cheesy goodness here – it’s hard to pick just one dish. The rabbit loin with creamed leek, parmigiano reggiano white polenta, pickled truffle and truffled pecorino is to die for, but we are constantly tempted to drink the gruyere fondue which comes served in a cob loaf of sourdough. RIP us.

Haloumi fries at The Yiros Shop: A few months back, The Yiros Shop caused a bit of a stir when it added haloumi fries to its menu. That’s right – wedges of haloumi are fried until golden, then served with mayo.

The 3AM burger at Ze Pickle: So, as far as late night (or early morning, depending on how your night goes) feeds go, this might not be the best thing to ingest before bedtime. Thankfully, you can get your hands on the 3AM throughout the day too. Slap a wagyu beef patty on some buns with maple smoked bacon, fried cheese sticks, guacamole and Ze Pickle’s special sauce and make yourself at home in flavour town.

The Burt Reynolds burger at Buffalo Bar: Burt Reynolds – what a man! Burt Reynolds – what a burger! This handful boasts breaded camembert, battered cauliflower plus chilli and coriander relish. I dream of this burger like I dream of one day being able to rock a mo’ just like Burt Reynolds.

Parmesan cheese wheel pasta at Il Verde: Cheesus take the wheel! King Street’s Il Verde hosts weekly dinners where patrons can devour pasta mixed in a parmesan cheese wheel. These Take the Wheel nights also include an entree, dessert and a glass of wine. Date night: sorted.

The Mac Daddy burger at Miss Kays: It doesn’t get much cheesier than good old macaroni and cheese, but imagine putting the delicious combo on a burger? Well, there’s no real need to imagine it – Miss Kays has already done it, and it’s glorious! A beefy patty, American cheese, barbecue sauce and fries, topped with mac and cheese? Yes please.

Camembert cheese katsu at Moga Izakaya & Sushi: Paddington’s Moga is a Japanese sushi restaurant that boasts a tasty little treat in the form of katsu camembert cheese. Yep, you’ve read that correctly. Crumbed. Cheese. The gooey stuff is delicately coasted in Japanese bread crumbs and then fried before being served with zucchini and spiced barbecue dipping sauce.

Swiss cheese fondue at Des Alpes: Trust the Swiss to bring the good stuff when it comes to cheese. We all know fondue, but have many of you actually tried it? Mitchelton’s Des Alpes is one of the best places in town to do the ‘due, as it serves up pots of piping-hot cheese, melted and prepared with white wine and garlic. Skewer a piece of bread with your fondue fork and then go to town.

Manchego croquettes at Darling & Co: Croquettes are one of the most blissful bites any cheese lover can have, but Darling & Co in Paddington makes some that are extremely moreish – even by our standards! A plate of manchego cheese croquettes are served with some sublime truffle aioli, which is an incredible meeting of flavours.

Truffled mac and cheese with Cheezels crumbs at Brewski: Don’t let your eyes deceive you, dear reader – you read that correctly. Brewski on Caxton Street is a great spot for a burger and beer, but if you need to satisfy your cheese tooth (it’s a thing, trust me), then order a side of house-made mac and cheese with truffle-infused bechamel topped with a hefty sprinkling of crushed Cheezels. CHEEZELS!

Figs wrapped in prosciutto with gorgonzola fondue at The Spaghetti House Trattoria: If this doesn’t get your mouth watering, then I just don’t know what you tell you. It doesn’t get much more decadent than this dish. Figs. Prosciutto. Gorgonzola. These bites are so good they’ll make you weep with joy – I’m crying right now at the fact that I don’t have some handy.

Quattro formaggi pizza at Tartufo: The classic four-cheese pizza has been given a deluxe upgrade at Italian institution Tartufo. The senza pomodoro (no tomato) quattro formaggi pizza features gorgonzola, emmental, provola, mozzarella and extra-0virgin olive oil, cooked to absolute perfection.

Bonus: The coming months will see a host of new cheese-centric eateries pop up. Salt Meats Cheese will be opening in Newstead next year, bringing with it its iconic flaming cheese wheel and a host of charcuterie supplies. Melt Brothers will also be opening soon in Brisbane City, serving up a range of gooey cheese toasties.

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