The round-up: fill up on Brisbane’s best vegan meals
The round-up: fill up on Brisbane’s best vegan meals
The round-up: fill up on Brisbane’s best vegan meals
The round-up: fill up on Brisbane’s best vegan meals

The round-up: fill up on Brisbane’s best vegan meals

Put your presuppositions in the bin – vegan food is not just salad and steamed vegetables. Vegan cuisine is becoming increasingly prominent due to the rise of dietary requirements and a conscientious focus of what we put in our bodies. For those of you who can’t stomach the thought of canning the cutlets and trashing the T-bones in favour of salad, please relax. We aren’t here to sway you to veganism! What we will say is that dining as a vegan can be hard in our predominantly meat-eating society, but also very rewarding – even if you love bacon and eggs. We’ve chosen to point out some vegan eats for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert well worth sampling.

affle nachos at Mylk + Ko: Before you balk at the idea of nachos without chilli con carne and cheese, hear us out. Mylk + Ko’s popular breakfast option is one of the best vegan meals to start your day with, boasting a savoury waffle topped with cacao chilli mince, avocado, sour cream and coriander. This is something worth getting out of bed early for.

Scrambled tofu at Fundies Wholefood Cafe: Tofu is the Swiss Army Knife of vegan cuisine, chiefly because of its versatility. Fundies whip up a divine tofu scram that is served with oven-roasted tomato, wilted baby spinach and thick-cut sourdough toast. We’re all about it.

Roasted cabbage and mushrooms at Willow & Spoon: This Wilston cafe doesn’t mind showing off on its menu, especially when its getting creative with its vegan options. The winter menu features a dish comprised of roasted cabbage, mushroom, ginger and dashi broth, house made kimchi and pickled enoki.

Vegan jaffle at Satori Organics Wholefoods Cafe: As winter approaches our craving for jaffles increases. This vegan variety boasts Crust & Co sourdough or corn and polenta filled with tomato, seasonal greens, pesto, shallots and notzarella cheese.

Dark chocolate chia pudding at Little Clive: One of Annerley’s go-to breakfast spot is worthwhile checking out for any vegan with a sweet tooth. The dark chocolate chia pudding comes served with raspberry gel, fresh berries and toasted almonds – a truly decadent way to start a morning, vegan or not.

Epic Burger at The Green Edge: Burgers are all the rage these days, and no one loves a good burger like a hungry vegan. The Green Edge is known for crafting a range of vegan delights and its Epic Burger is no different. It features Italian-style seitan (a wheat-based protein), battered tofu, satay sauce, roasted mushrooms, avocado, salad and dressing, served with a huge serving of hand-cut chips. Also worth trying is the double bacon double cheese burger, which boasts beefless patties and vegan-friendly cheese.

Vegan loaded fries at Brewski: When blowing the froth off a cold one, there’s no better accompaniment than fries. Brewski ensures that vegans don’t miss out on the action when it comes to loaded fries, offering a vegan option topped with vegan beef and beans, Daiya vegan cheese, avocado and chilli. Also of note is the beefless burger, which comes with a fake beef pattie, cashew aioli and vegan cheese.

VBD Burger at MooFree Burgers: Standing for ‘Vegan Brothers Delight’, the VBD Burger is one of the best options on the menu at MooFree Burgers. This handful features a tasty beefless pattie, facon rashers, vegan cheeze, caramelised onion, pickles and mustard mayo.

Kusheri at Naïm: Popular Paddington cafe Naïm eschews classic modern Australian brunch fare for a wholesome Middle Eastern-inspired cuisine. Vegans are easily catered for here, with the kusheri sitting pretty as a stellar choice. This dish packs cumin and cinnamon-spiced brown rice, lentils, chickpeas and caramelised onion with a beetroot and tahini puree, spicy tomato sauce, crispy fried onion and barberries.

Nourish bowl at Miss Bliss Wholefoods Kitchen: With a name like Miss Bliss, you just know the vegan options are going to be fire. Morning or afternoon, hungry patrons can sit down to a nourish bowl filled with turmeric-spiced cauliflower, cumin-roasted carrot hummus, red quinoa, buckwheat, hazelnuts, spinach and vegan felafels. Other options include the charcoal spelt pizza wit cashew cheese and the fig and nutmeg-spiced bircher.

Felafel pita from Eat a Pocket: The Jan Powers Farmers Market is home to a humble little food vendor that is earning a strong reputation for making the best felafel in town. The felafel pita is stuffed with hummus, tabouleh, salsa and more – the perfect combo for market snacking.

Roast eggplant pizza at Martha Street Kitchen: Yes, you can have a vegan pizza that tastes amazing. The team at Martha Street Kitchen have proven it with its vegan-friendly pizza, which is topped with roasted eggplant, vegan mozzarella, olive and basil.

The Sasquatch bowl at Netherworld: Aside from its excellent selection of board games and arcade machines, it’s the stellar all-vegan bar food menu that really sets Netherworld apart from the rest. The Sasquatch is a dish comprised of coleslaw, torn barbecue jackfruit, onion rings, sweet potato waffles, dill pickes, sour cashew cream and American mustard. Still hungry? The Popcorn Critters and Demon Drummies are great snacks for filling in the gaps.

Vegan laksa at Loving Hut: You can’t have a list of top vegan eats without including one of the most beloved 100-percent vegan restaurants in town. Loving Hut specialises in vegan cuisine, which makes narrowing our choice to one meal exceptionally difficult. We’re going to pick the vegan laksa with tofu puffs and vegetables, but you could also try the raw-some zucchini spaghetti, vegan lasagne and crispy chow mein.

Chana masala at Vintaged Bar + Grill: You might be a bit perplexed at the fact that we are recommending one of the best steak spots to get a vegan feed, but it’s legit. Vintaged Bar + Grill has an entire menu of vegan delights, including the chana masala with spiced basmati rice, mango chutney, poppadums and chapatti.

Vegan miso ramen at MisoHapi: There is nothing better than slurping up some noodle soup on a chilly day, and MisoHapi in West End has two options for vegans to get in on the action. The miso option boasts a soybean paste broth, tofu slices and croquettes, shallots, dry seaweed and thin flour-based noodles to inhale.

Waffles from Veganyumm: It’s fare to see even one vegan dessert on a menu, but Everton Park’s Veganyumm ensures that all of its sweet treats are vegan. That’s right – all of them. We are in love with the vegan waffles here, but don’t forget about the cupcakes, protein balls, cakes, brownies and more.

CocoWhip at Pineapple Express Superfood Box: This popular treat is hailed at the healthy soft serve, which is just about all we need to hear to pique our interest. Made from coconut powder and coconut water, CocoWhip isalso gluten and dairy-free, making it a perfect option for just about everyone.

Vegan gelato at Nom Nom Natural Gelato: The iconic Italian dessert isn’t very forgiving on those with dietary requirements, but thankfully Nom Nom Natural Gelato has taken it upon itself to offer non dairy and vegan flavours at its Bulimba location. Vegan gelato flavours include crème brulee, banana split and dark chocolate, not to mention plenty of sorbets to sample as well.

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