The round-up: get fired up for Brisbane’s best Korean BBQ

The round-up: get fired up for Brisbane’s best Korean BBQ

When it comes to pairing salivation-worthy deliciousness with hands-on interactivity, Korean BBQ is one cuisine that marries the two perfectly. Picture this – a plate piled high with choice cuts of meat waiting to be seared to perfection on the hot grill in front of you. Throw in a veritable buffet of sides and baby, you’ve got us hooked! To us, Korean BBQ is woefully under-appreciated, which is why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to spread the love and give you a rundown of the best joints to get your teeth into some Korean BBQ goodness.

Hanwoori: There are few phrases that get us as jazzed with excitement as ‘all-you-can-eat’. Hanwoori on Mary Street in Brisbane City has got all the fixings you could possibly want – and we mean all of the fixings. Book in for a buffet feast and go crazy at the barbecue meat bar stocked full of rump steak, marinated pork, calamari and more, then swing by and pile up a plate with sweet and sour pork, Korean noodles, pork hock and deep-fried chicken. Feel like seconds? Well just sashay your way back over to the buffet, friend! Remember – it’s all-you-can-eat!

Maru Korean Restaurant: Any self-respecting fan of Korean BBQ will tell you that Maru Korean Restaurant is one of the finest spots to sample some succulent barbecued morsels. A plethora of meat cuts are available including Wagyu strip loins, pork jowls, ribs, chicken thighs, ox tongue and more (with a range of authentic flavours to match) ready and waiting to cook to perfection on your own traditional grill. Still hungry? Maru also serves up a range of bites such as kimchi pancakes, fried dumplings, sizzling dishes and bibimbap.

Midam Korean Charcoal BBQ: Nestled amongst Sunnybank’s smorgasbord of eateries is Midam – a popular spot for a bit of quality Korean BBQ. The all-you-can-eat (there are those lovely words again) buffet is a meat-lovers dream, with cuts of marinated beef, fresh pork belly, ribs, chicken and more prepped to sizzle up a storm. Midam also serves up a host of tasty Korean dishes to complement, but the charcoal barbecue is certainly a standout choice.

Restaurant Red & Green: This Korean BBQ spot calls Princess Plaza in Woolloongabba home, and it entices locals with its range of inexpensive cuisine and comprehensive all-you-can-eat morsels. Sit down and get cooking on Restaurant Red & Green’s range of meats, from marinated lamb, beef blade, pork loin rib and baby octopus. Flesh out your meal with a selection of hot food and side dishes including spicy chicken stew, stir-fried bok choy, rice cakes and more.

Mapo BBQ Restaurant: Another Sunnybank all-star, Mapo BBQ pairs a stellar a la carte menu of bites with its set of barbecued morsels. If you are dining with a group, Mapo can cater for many mouths with a range of barbecue meat sets, but if you are keen to personalise your experience, pick and choose your protein from a list of individual cuts, including premium Wagyu beef, pork cuts and marinated and spicy chicken.

Sunny Seoul BBQ: The barbecue at Sunny Seoul BBQ comes with a range of dipping sauces to accompany your choice of meat, as well as a host of side dishes to complement. The generously portioned mixed platter offers everything you could ask for, and as you lovingly cook the tender meat in the sunken charcoal grill in the centre of your table you will be forgiven for wondering how you ever ate anything else.

Lydia’s Charkor BBQ: This one isn’t your typical Korean BBQ restaurant, but if you get the cravings for some charcoal-grilled meat then this mobile dispensary is the next best thing. Lydia’s Charkor BBQ food truck rolls around Brisbane serving up grilled Korean fusion, including beef and teriyaki chicken bowls and bulgogi bento boxes. If you see this truck out in the wild, be sure to flag it down while you have the chance.

JAKO Japanese & Korean Restaurant: The tandem of Japanese and Korean cuisine is a certified winner in our minds, but while the menu boasts some tantalising options, our heart still belongs to barbecue. JAKO serves up a curated selection of barbecued dishes, including spicy pork, honey soy chicken, sutbul-bulgogi and spicy calamari.

JJ Korean Kitchen BBQ: This inconspicuous eatery is easy to miss if you are distracted by the vibrant aesthetics of its Sunnybank Plaza neighbours, but if you manage to find the spot then you are in for some fine fare. Fire up your grill and lay it thick with slices of premium wagyu beef, thinly sliced beef brisket and pork belly, then fill in the gaps with some Korean-style miso stew or bulgogi hot pot. 

Dae Jung Kum: Just when you think you’ve exhausted all the Korean BBQ options in Sunnybank, we discover some more. Dae Jung Kum offers indoor and outdoor dining, with grills available for those who want to cook under the stars. Several sets are available for small and large groups, each boasting cuts of beef rib finger, pork belly, thin flank and marinated wagyu. You can even bolster your order with individual orders of marbling pork neck, honeycomb pork belly and oyster blade. Want to know something else? Dae Jung Kum also serves an inexpensive all-you-can-eat buffet lunch Monday through to Friday. 

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Image courtesy of Maru Korean Restaurant.

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