The round-up: love at first bite – get your hands on Brisbane’s best grilled cheese sandwiches
The round-up: love at first bite – get your hands on Brisbane’s best grilled cheese sandwiches
The round-up: love at first bite – get your hands on Brisbane’s best grilled cheese sandwiches

The round-up: love at first bite – get your hands on Brisbane’s best grilled cheese sandwiches

We can feel it in the air – a cool change is coming, which means only one thing. Comfort food season has arrived! On our list of satisfying belly warmers, a crispy grilled cheese sandwich is up there. Wednesday April 12 marks Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day, where grillers the world over will be celebrating the fine art of cheese pull, the look of crispy golden bread slathered in butter and the melting moment when your teeth sink in and all worldly woes disappear. To celebrate grilled cheese sandwich day, we’ve undertaken the daunting task of putting together a definitive list of Brisbane’s best gooey grilled-cheese sangas and toasties that are worth spending your cheddar on.

Melt Brothers Grilled Cheese Co.: Any search for a gourmet grilled cheese sandwich must start at Melt Brothers. The Gresham Lane eatery has been pumping out some of the best grilled cheese sandwiches since opening in late 2016, with menu items such as triple-cheese, maple bacon and cheddar cheese and macaroni and cheese ensuring that every bite is filled with melted goodness. Want to celebrate Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day properly? Melt Brothers will be giving away free grilled cheese from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm on Saturday April 8.

Maker: We know what you are thinking – “Maker? The cocktail bar?” Yes – the very same. Maker recently unveiled a concise list of bar snacks that boast some absolutely dynamo choices. Enjoy a specialty cocktail while the sandwich press creates sambos stuffed with brie and semi-dried tomato, jamon, manchego and guindillas, or pastrami, gruyere, pickles and mustard.

Ploughman: Alderley’s craft beer and charcuterie bar is also a great place to sink your incisors into a traditional grilled cheese. Ploughman’s sando features rich Gruyere cheese with a helping of sauerkraut on the side, or opt for the toasted pastrami sandwich with Leichester cheddar and horseradish mayo. 

Deathproof: New Farm’s hip, street art-coated, hole-in-the-wall bar boasts a menu that belies the venue’s size, and one of the stellar options is the Tres Cheese toasted sandwich. Swiss, mozzarella and cheddar are the new three amigos – combining for a flavour hit that will satisfy any cheese-seeking customer. 

Dovetail on Overend: Norman Park’s Dovetail on Overend is a local institution, and one of the signature menu items is its Bangalow Babe. This toasted sandwich sees slabs of Bangalow ham placed on top of sourdough and layered with gruyere cheese and tarragon mustard.

Southside Tea Room: This charming cafe is a great spot to get your brunch on of a weekend, and regulars rave about the two primo grilled cheese sandwiches on the menu. The Classic Grilled Cheese boasts cheddar and Swiss as well as a serving of dirty mayo dipping sauce, while the ABC Grilled Cheese adds apple and bacon to the mix.

Fromage The Cow: What better spot to seek out a grilled cheese sandwich than a restaurant that uses cheese in just about every meal? While Fromage the Cow doesn’t serve up a traditional cheese toastie, the Monte Cristo breakfast sandwich can satisfy your cravings with a few slices of Gruyere and thick-cut leg ham on Brioche French toast. If that’s too rich for your palate, opt for the melted cheese on toast instead – slyly ask for another slice of toast and bada-bing-bada-boom you’ve got yourself a toastie. 

Yard Bird Ale House: What is better than a hot toasted sandwich with cheese oozing out the sides? A hot toasted sandwich with three cheeses oozing out the sides! Yard Bird packs mozzarella, cheddar and Swiss cheese on top of ciabatta, with a moreish helping of garlic butter to really get your tastebuds working. I think as far as grilled cheese is concerned, three isn’t a crowd – it’s a party (in your mouth).

Saccharomyces Beer Cafe: Fish Lane’s home of craft beer also offers a menu of comfort food heroes, including the Sacch Quad – described on the menu as ‘more cheese than two pieces of bread should rightfully sandwich’. That sounds like something we can get behind. We’re talking four cheeses here – four. Make sure you don’t forget to stretch that sucker apart before eating, if only for the gooey food-porn goodness.

CheeseLane Food Truck: Remember the excitement that would take hold when you saw the ice-cream truck rolling down your street? Well CheeseLane Food Truck is the most-likely candidate to bring those feelings back in force as it trundles around town slinging piping-hot toasties to the pursuing hordes. Three-cheese, Peking duck and Gruyere and walnut, blue cheese and truffled honey toasties are on offer – track this truck down ASAP.

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